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Canadian Canoes - Single Layer Construction

Popular Family Canoes for Recreational Canoeing

These canoes are the most popular for recreational canoeing for new paddlers looking to buy the most cost effective canoe setup. Single layer thermoformed polyethylene canoes are less expensive than triple layer and Royalex canoes.

Thermoformed Polyethylene Canoes

Used on most entry level canoes the thermoforming process allows the canoe manufacturer to make high quality boats at less cost. The Saranac Series are manufactured using the thermoforming process. Thermoforming uses a single plastic sheet of high density polyethylene that literally forms a canoe right over a mold. The thermoformed plastic material is durable and provides good abrasion and impact resistance.

pelican 15.5 canoe

Pelican 15.5

The Pelican 15.5 is a touring canoe for recreational and family paddling. It offers great value for money and is made from Ram-X material.

pelican 14.6 canoe

Pelican 14.6

A versatile canoe with comfortable folding seats backs and cooler built into the centre bench seat.


Old Town Saranac 146

The 14ft Saranac model is easy to handle on and off the water.


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Old Town Saranac 160

The 16ft Saranac has more space and carrying capacity than the 14ft model, and is recommended if you have lots of kit or kids.


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