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World Class White Water Kayaks Available from Manchester Canoes

Liquidlogic Delta V creek kayak

Liquidlogic Delta V

Steep rivers, tricky rapids the Delta V has been designed for stability and making smooth lines. Fast and manoeuvrable the Delta V could be the perfect UK Creekboat.

Liquid Logic Remix XP kayaks for sale in Manchester UK

Liquidlogic Remix XP 9 & 10

The Liquid Logic XP Series is a general purpose crossover kayak, designed to paddle everything from moving water, easy grade white water, sea paddling to flat water inland touring.

Liquid Logic Remix for sale in the UK from Manchester Canoes

Liquidlogic Remix 59, 69 & 79

A fantastic all-round white water kayak, the Remix has proved hugely popular with everybody from coaches, students learning moving water skills through to more advanced paddlers looking for a white water boat with great forward speed.

Liquid Logic Braaap 69 for sale in the UK from Manchester Canoes

Liquidlogic Braaap 69

The Braaap is a unique design, developed for experienced white-water paddlers to run hard rapids with a responsive performance hull, but also allow for creative lines and ease of down-river freestyle moves.

Liquid Logic Party Braaap 69 for sale in the UK from Manchester Canoes

Liquidlogic Party Braaap

The Party Braaap, the Braaap but with even more play potential. With 2 gallons of volume taken from the stern and a spooned stern make this a stern squirting, pivot turning machine.

Liquidlogic Mullet for sale in the UK from Manchester Canoes

Liquidlogic Mullet

 The Mullet has plenty of bow rocker, and increased volume in the bow  to provide a fun river running boat. The lower volume/slicey stern allows squirts, splats, blasts and tailies on eddylines and seams.

Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel for sale from Manchester Canoes UK

Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel 85 & 95

Designed to be fast, the Flying Squirrel has the proven Remix hull, but has been given more overall volume, increased bow rocker and softer deck lines. Allowing for more stability and forgiveness in larger rapids, and steeper drops.

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