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Nova Craft Fox 14

Extremely Lightweight Canadian Canoe for Single Paddlers

Lightweight Tuffstuff solo open boat from Novacraft, offering performance and strength.


Nova Craft Fox 14 canoe

Nova Craft Fox 14

Top and side view of the Nova Craft Fox 14 canoe
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Nova Craft Fox 14


A fourteen foot length for Canadian Canoes is widely considered to be the ideal length for solo open boating. The reduction in weight, ease of handling and added manoeuvrability, allows paddlers to transport the canoe onto a car roof rack and to the water’s edge much easier than longer, unwieldy models. Once on the water, the shorter waterline length makes turning the boat simpler with less effort involved, but still retains the ability to track in a straight line over distance.


The Fox 14 is only available in Novacrafts lightweight material options, which offer strength, rigidity, but also approx. half the weight of most other popular canoes of the same size. The drawback of the Fox 14 is it is only designed for one person, and only has one seat fitted. Perfect for one woman/man and her/his dog plus some overnight kit if needed. For those looking to carry a second passenger/paddler the Novacraft Bob Special is slightly bigger and heavier, but more suitable for tandem paddling.


Perfect for exploring a variety of waterways, from lakes, lochs and reservoirs, all the way through to estuaries and gently moving inland rivers. The Fox 14 could be the perfect escape for individuals wanting to get away from it all and spend time cruising on the vast array of British paddling locations.

Key Features

  • Composite construction, see material section for more information.
  • Lightweight black anodized aluminium gunwales.
  • Aluminium reinforced ABS end deck plates.
  • Ash wood, bootlace seats.
  • Ash carry handles at bow and stern.
  • Built in bow/stern buoyancy tanks.
  • Constructed in the home of open boating- Canada.

All Nova Craft Canoes can be ordered with the following factory fitted options:

  • Wooden white ash gunnels with an oiled finish.
  • Kneeling thwart.
  • Colour matched skid plates.
  • Special Order colours available upon request.
  • Nova Crafts custom composite constructions such as Blue Steel, Aramid Lite or Fibreglass.
  • Choice of Webbed, Bootlace or robust ABS Plastic seats.

Please contact us to discuss any of these options in further detail, including prices and estimated lead times.



Fox 14 Tuffstuff:

  • Length: 14′ / 427cm
  • Width: 32″ / 81.3cm
  • Center Depth: 13″ / 33cm
  • End Depth: 19″ / 48.3cm
  • Weight:43lb / 19.5kg
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 550lb / 250kgOptimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Nova Craft Fox 14 for your weight

Fox 14 TuffStuff Expedition:

  • Length: 14′ / 427cm
  • Width: 32″ / 81.3cm
  • Center Depth: 13″ / 33cm
  • End Depth: 19″ / 48.3cm
  • Weight:  48lb / 21.8kg
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 550lb / 250kgOptimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Nova Craft Fox 14 for your weight


Fox 14 TuffStuff/Expedition (Standard Colours):

Oxblood and Green


Fox 14 TuffStuff/Expedition (Special Order Colours):

Olive, Red, Yellow, Sand, Desert White

Materials Explained- Read what Nova Craft say about their most popular material choices-

  • TuffStuff is a cutting edge, lightweight, composite made of basalt and Innegra fibres. Basalt fibre is made of melted basalt rock and Innegra is a fibre consisting mostly of polypropylene. When they are woven together into a cloth and infused with a high impact vinylester resin system, the result is simply amazing. TuffStuff canoes are a great choice for paddlers looking for a very light canoe for extended flat water trips with more than enough strength to handle lots of abuse through normal use.
  • TuffStuff Expedition is a more robust heavier duty version of the standard TuffStuff construction. These canoes are an excellent choice for an expedition grade canoe during extended wilderness trips and some occasional lower-grade white water use. Stiff for great performance, incredible impact resistance and lightweight all in one canoe. You can see some of the abuse and testing these canoes can take on these YouTube Videos:

Recommended Accessories

CSG 5 Metre Straps

CSG 5 Metre Roof Rack Straps

For securing canoes to your roof rack. These heavy-duty straps have spring loaded buckles which are less likely to deform items than ratchet straps.

Price £14.95

Thule Portage 891 canoe carrier for roof racks

Thule Portage 891 Canoe Carrier

Padded canoe supports for transporting your canoe on the roof rack of your vehicle.

Price £123.00

Feelfree 60L Dry Tank

Feelfree 60L Dry Tank

Large volume dry bag with backpack straps. Ideal for storing all your equipment whilst canoeing.

Price £59.95

CSG Canoe & Kayak Painter Kit

CSG Canoe & Kayak Painter Kit

A painter kit can be used to secure your canoe or kayak to the bank, to  secure the bow/stern when loaded on a vehicle and to pull you the riverbank/shore.

  • 2x 6m lenghts of floating rope.
  • 2x lengths of elasticated cord.

Price £17.99

Werner Nantahala Canoe Paddle

Werner Nantahala Canoe Paddle

The Werner Nantahala is a versatile canoe paddle for recreational and whitewater canoeing, offering a powerful and smooth stroke which is great for running rivers and avoiding rocks.

Price £199.99


We do not offer a courier delivery service for the Nova Craft Fox 14 (or any other TuffStuff Canoe)

But we do offer a dedicated delivery service by the Manchester Canoes team tailored to individual address and requirements please contact us for details.

Collection - Click & Collect

You can buy a Nova Craft Fox 14 online from our website and pick it up from ourselves or from any branch within the Canoe Shops Group. There is no cost associated with instore collection.

Our other stores are:

  • Bournemouth Canoes - Poole
  • Brighton Canoes - Newhaven
  • Cornwall Canoes - Near Newquay
  • Kayaks & Paddles Plymouth
  • Norfolk Canoes - Norwich
  • Southampton Canoes - Hampshire

We will contact you to arrange collection upon receipt of you order.

For further help and information about the Nova Craft Fox 14, please call us on 01925 818437