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RUK Load Assister

For Roof Racks

Take the strain out of loading your kayak on to your car with the RUK Load Assister which pulls out to allow you to load your roof rack from the side of your car.

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RUK Load Assister
Clamp kit for Ruk Load Assister
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RUK Load Assister


The RUK Load Assister clamps to your existing roof rack and features a bar that pulls out in order to load your kayaks from the side of your car rather than having to lean over car and struggle.


The load assist is great for those who want to protect their cars from scratches as it prevents you from leaning over and accidently damaging paint work with zips, buttons etc..

Key Features

  • Allows you to load your kayak, canoe or sit on top away from the side of the car.
  • Load assist will clamp to your existing roof bars.
  • Load assist helps take the strain out of lifting.

For further help and information about the RUK Load Assister, please call us on 01925 818437