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Thule Bike Carriers Available in the North West

Alongside our range of Thule watersports carriers, we also stock and supply a range of Thule bike racks, available for collection from store, or through our nationwide delivery service. Our knowledgeable staff have been using Thule gear for years and can offer friendly expert advice to help you select the best carrier for your vehicle and needs if required.

If you are looking for a specific model or something not displayed on our website, then please contact us to confirm availability. Thule Bike Racks are available in 3 types: Roof Mounted, Rear Mounted and Tow Bar Mounted, and the selection below are our best selling models.

Thule Free Ride 532

Thule Free Ride 532 cycle carrier

Our best selling Thule bike rack and representing great value for money, combining ease of use with functionality. It might be basic, but is simple to load a bike 9up to 17kg) and offers a secure method of transportation. Loading is achieved by quick-release wheel straps and a quick-lock clamping system to hold the frame in position. The Thule Freeride Locks the bike to the bike rack and the bike rack to the roof racks (locks included). The wheel straps are adjustable to fit different diameter wheels/tyres and the frame clamp fits most common diameter frame tubes. Comes supplied with all the fittings required to fit onto Thule Square or Wing Bars.

Price: £66.60 (RRP £74.00 - Saving £7.40)

Thule ProRide 598

Thule ProRide 598 roof mounted cycle carrier

For speed, convenience and ease of use, the Thule Proride is hard to beat. It locates your bike in the correct position with the unique wheel tray and frame holder. And the claws extended lower jaw helps to prevent the bike from falling when securing it to the rack. Pressure on the frame is evenly spread via the pads and the torque limiter dial prevents over tightening and reduces the risk of frame damage. With included locks the rack secures the bike, and also the rack to the roofbar system to deter theft. Designed to fit most common frame sizes and bikes up to 20kg in weight. The ProRide 598 also comes pre-assembled in the box so is ready to load and go.

Price: £118.80 (RRP £132.00 - Saving £13.20)

Thule ProRide 598B

Thule ProRide 598 roof mounted cycle carrier

Thule have taken their popular Proride and now offer the same great bike rack but in a smart black anodised finish rather than bare aluminium. Still simple to use and designed to transport bikes up to 20kg and with frame dimensions of circular profile tubes measuring between 22-70mm diameters and will fit frames with oval tubes measuring a maximum of 70-100mm. If you need to remove the 598B from the roof bar system, or locating the bike rack on either side of the vehicle, Thule have designed it to be simple to achieve (providing you have the key to the lock!). Already built, the ProRide 598B is ready to fit straight out the box. (Thule Adaptor required if fitting on square profile bars without T-Track)

Price: £127.80 (RRP £142.00 - Saving £14.20)

Thule HangOn 4 9708

Thule Hang On 9708 Cycle Carrier

For those not wanting to lift bikes onto a car roofrack system, or unwilling to raise the total height of their vehicle, then a simple towbar bike rack system can be considered. The Hangon 4 can carry up to 4 bikes with a max. carrying capacity of 60kg. Designed to fit all standard frame dimensions including 20” children’s bikes. The 9078 has an extremely strong coupling that mounts directly onto the existing vehicles tow-bar and is cleverly tilt-able so can be moved out the way to access tailgates and boots. Bikes are held securely using soft rubber straps, and once removed from the tow-bar the rack fold flat for easier storage. For non-standard frame configurations such as BMX’s, Downhill or Ladies bikes, the Thule 982 adaptor should be used.

Price: £145.00 (RRP £165.00 - Saving £20.00)

Thule VeloCompact 925 / 927

Thule Velo Compact Tow Bar Mounted Cycle Carier

Thule have improved upon earlier models to develop the Velocompact- a lightweight, easy to use towbar mounted bike rack system which comes in two sizes to fit between 1 and 4 bikes. The 925 has a maximum carrying capacity of 46kg and can carry 1-2 bikes. The 927 has a capacity of 60kg and carry’s 1-3 bikes, with the possibility of a fourth bike by adding a Thule Adaptor 926 (supplied separately). Thanks to its low height, bikes are easily mounted onto the rack and easily secured with a series of arms and straps. The knobs on the racks are lockable and whole bike rack can be locked onto the towbar to prevent theft (locks included). Folds flat when removed, so it’s easier to store and will fit inside most car boots. The Velocompacts both come pre-assembled, so they’re ready to use straight out the box.

Price: £431.00

Thule EasyFold XT 2 / XT 3

Thule Easy Fold XT2

The Easyfolds from Thule are based on the Velocompact design, but with a much higher carrying capacity to cater for the ever-growing E-Bike market. The bikes are loaded onto the rack at a low level and secured by wheel straps and lockable arms which feature torque limiters, so a tight, secure fit can be achieved without the risk of over tightening. When removed, the rack folds flat for ease of storage and handling and has integrated carry handles. When fully loaded the entire rack can be tilted to allow boot access utilising the smart foot tilt pedal system. The Easyfolds are supplied fully assembled so are easy to install with minimal fuss. As expected, each bike can be separately locked to the rack, and the entire rack is lockable (keys and locks supplied with the rack).

Price: £599.00 (RRP £675.00 - Saving £76.00)

Thule FreeWay 968

Thule FreeWay  968

A lightweight, basic bike rack, designed for hatchbacks and with the scope to transport 3 bikes (max. capacity of 45kg). All parts of the rack that come in contact with the vehicle are rubber coated to provide protection for the bodywork, and the same rubber protects the bikes frames. Bikes are held in place using adjustable straps that fit a range of different frame diameters. For non-standard frames such as BMX’s, Ladies or Downhill bikes a Thule Adaptor 982 should be used. This style of bike carrier when loaded will probably obscure the vehicles reg. plate and/or lights, so a Thule Lightboard 976 will be required. Please also note that the Freeway 976 won’t fit every vehicle, so please check using Thule’s buyer guide before purchasing: Thule Buyers Guide

Price: £145.00 (RRP £165.00 - Saving £20.00)

Thule ClipOn 9103 / 9014

Thule ClipOn 9103 / 9014

A strapless bike rack designed to easily fit onto the tailgate of most estate cars and hatchbacks, with the capability of carrying 3 bikes (45kg max capacity). Please check, using Thule’s buyers guide to confirm compatibility with your vehicle. Thule Buyers Guide Easy and quick to mount, and provides protection for the bikes and vehicle by a system of rubber pads, and folds flat when removed for easier storage. For bikes without a crossbar such as BMX’s or Ladies frames, the Thule 982 Adaptor will be required. When carrying bikes in transit, a number plate/lightboard will most likely be needed as the bikes could obscure the vehicles lights and number plate. (supplied separately)

Price: £159.00 (RRP £178.00 - Saving £19.00)

Thule Bike frame Adaptor 982

Thule Bike frame Adaptor 982

Allows for mounting of bikes with non-standard frames/no cross bar onto Thule bike carriers. Such as BMX’s, Ladies or Downhill Bikes

Price: £28.99 (RRP £32.00 - Saving £3.01)

Thule Light board 976

Thule Light board 976

Designed to be used in combination with bike racks that obscure the vehicles number plate/lights, comes with a 7 Pin plug.

Price: £70.20 (RRP £78.00 - Saving £7.80)

Thule Cable Lock 538

Thule Cable Lock 538

1.8 metre security lock for bike racks without existing factory fitted locks. Constructed from strong steel, plastic coated braid.

Price: £33.30 (RRP £37.00 - Saving £3.70)