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Wide Range of Cags & Paddling Tops for All Types of Canoeing & Kayaking


In the UK, with its unpredictable weather and variety of water conditions, most paddlers will use a paddling jacket of some description whilst out on the water.
Paddling cags, tops and jackets are designed to be used as outerwear, and primarily to keep water and wind from reaching the paddlers core. They offer little in the way of thermal insulation, this is achieved by layering neoprene, fleece or thermal base layers underneath.
What sets these outerwear garments aside from other outdoor waterproof jackets is they are cut so that they fit paddlers sat or kneeling down with pre-bent arms. Other features range from latex wrist seals (akin to drysuits), twin waist seals (for use with spraydecks), to pockets and hoods.

General Purpose / Recreational Cags

General Purpose Cags for Kayaking and Canoeing

Often called splash jackets, these are basic lightweight cagoules that offer some protection from spray and rain showers. Often used by outdoor centres and novice paddlers, looking for a simpler, less expensive option during the warmer summer months.


Touring & Sea Kayaking Jackets

Touring and Sea Kayaking Cags

Outerwear designed primarily with comfort in mind. All of these cags are fully breathable, most feature a hood and pockets. The neck seals on these jackets can also be opened, to vent and provide less restriction around the paddlers neck.


White Water Dry Cags

White Water Dry Cags


Kayakers, canoeists and paddlers spending time upside down or rolling in white water need the driest option available. All of these jackets have twin waists, and either full latex or glideskin wrist and neck seals, designed for maximum protection in the most extreme conditions.

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