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Kayaking and canoeing dry trousers

Often teamed up with a paddling jacket of some description, paddlers will often wear a pair of waterproof trousers to stay warm and dry whilst out on the water. Especially useful for paddling in the UK's colder months, but also for Sit On Top kayakers such as anglers who want to be out all year round, and stay protected from the elements. What sets these aside from ordinary waterproofs are features such as breathable fabrics, built in feet that allow them to be used like flexible, lightweight waders. All the way through to relief zips and jacket compatible waist bands to create a two-piece drysuit. Offering more versatility than a one piece drysuit, most paddlers begin with dry trousers and a jacket to give more flexibility with the ever changing UK weather and conditions.

Peak UK Evo Storm Pants

Peak UK Evo Storm Pants

Highly versatile dry pants with an integrated brace system. Reinforcement in key high wear areas provide added durability perfect for the UK's rivers.

Palm Atom Bibs 2016

Palm Atom Bibs

Top of the range bib salopettes designed specifically for paddlers. Suitable for all paddling styles and offering more performance than standard dry pants. Used by serious paddlers wanting premium equipment, these Bib's stay up whatever the activity, are extremely breathable and comfortable and feature a waterproof relief zip for convenience. Favoured by sea kayakers, open boaters and kayak anglers.

Palm Atom Pants  2016

Palm Atom Pants (Women's and men's)

White water dry trousers by Palm Equipment, designed for comfort and durability. Like all good dry-pants these have built in waterproof feet, a twin-waist adjustable neoprene waistband and constructed from durable, breathable materials. Available in various colours, and also in both Women's and men's specific sizes.

NRS Endurance Splash Pants

NRS Endurance Splash Pants

Designed as lightweight over trousers, or splash pants. These simple yet effective trousers can be worn over a wetsuit or thermals to prevent wind-chill and the inclement British weather at bay. Breathable, with adjustable Velcro waist and ankle cuffs they can also be easily stored and carried for emergencies or as an extra layer if needed. Perfect for sit on top paddlers and newcomers to the sport.

NRS Sidewinder Bib Dry Pants

NRS Sidewinder Bib Dry Pants

Perhaps technically, the most advanced paddling dry trousers available. The Sidewinders are made fromĀ  the highly breathable 4 Layer Eclipse fabric. Combined with a myriad of features, including detachable bracing system, concealed convenience zip, waterproof thigh pocket and adjustable jacket compatible waistband. NRS have designed these trousers for paddlers wanting the very best performance from their kit.

NRS Freefall Pants

NRS Freefall Pants

Lightweight, flexible and breathable dry trousers featuring integrated Eclipse fabric socks to provide a full dry trouser. They also have reinforcement on the seat and knees to provide extra durability, and the additional 8 inch waist tunnel can be used in conjunction with a dry-top to give a versatile semi-drysuit option. A firm favourite amongst white-water paddlers.


Dry trousers are normally combined with a paddling jacket or cag to give a versatile wind and waterproof outer layer.

Paddling Jackets

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To protect the built-in feet on dry trousers we recommend that they are always worn with suitable footwear, such as neoprene socks or water shoes.

Kayaking Footwear

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What to wear under your dry trousers ?

Paddling Thermals And Base Layers

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