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Wetsuit Boots and Shoes For Paddlers

White Water River Shoes, Neoprene Boots and Wetsuit Socks

Suitable water shoes are always essential items of kit whichever style of paddling you are embarking upon. Not only do they provide protection for your feet against sharp pointy objects found under the water, they also provide protection for drysuit/dry trouser feet, not to mention protection from the cold temperatures often experienced in the UK throughout the year. We stock a wide range of paddling footwear, ranging from basic, warm wetsuit boots, right through to technical river shoes where grip on slippery river banks is of prime importance.

Palm Rock Shoe

Palm Rock Shoe

A mid-weight three quarter length water sports shoe, suitable for all disciplines of canoeing and kayaking. Constructed from 3mm neoprene with a stabilising strap to reduce slipping and a grippy sole.

Palm Shoot Boots

Palm Shoot Boots

A warm easy to don wetsuit boot, featuring a grippy rubber sole that extends around the heel and toe for added protection. The 3mm neoprene provides a good level of warmth and insulation and the zipped entry making donning the boots easy.

Palm Descender water shoe

Palm Descender

A high performance three quarter water shoe, with a titanium, therm-fibre lined neoprene, for additional warmth. Also featuring Velcro adjustable straps for a secure fit, and  a diamond traction sole and toe protection for rocky areas. Perfect as an all-round shoe for all types of water-sport.

Palm Gradient Boots

Palm Gradient Boots

A firm favourite with club-boaters and white water enthusiasts across the UK. Revamped with fewer seams and tougher materials, the Gradients also feature a Vibram sole for grip  for wet riverbanks. With a high-top boot cut, they provide much needed ankle support on portages and over difficult terrain.

NRS Hydroskin Socks

NRS HydroSkin Socks

Perfect for adding an extra layer of insulation to your feet, or protecting built-in drysuit socks. These thin neoprene wetsuit socks don't add much bulk, and can be worn inside existing shoes as a liner, they also have a titanium lining and are quick to dry.