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Gloves For Canoeing And Kayaking

Kayaking and Canoeing Gloves Suitable For All Water Sports Activities

Choose either Mitts/Pogies with the advantage of keeping your hands in direct contact with the kayak paddle shaft for added control. Or choose Gloves which are more suited for all-round use with the bonus of keeping hands warm when letting go of the paddle.

Palm Descent Pogies

Palm Descent Pogies

These comfortable 4mm neoprene paddle pogies have a Velcro strip which closes around the paddle shaft, allowing the paddler to easily remove their hands as required. Also ensuring that they won’t get lost in the event of loss of paddle or hand removal. Well designed with a anti-flush inner baffle, the Descent Mitts from Palm Equipment provide warmth on freezing winter days without the paddlers hands having to lose contact with the paddle shaft.
One Size fits all paddle shafts and hand sizes.

Price: £44.00 (RRP £55.00 - Saving £11.00)

NRS Fuse Gloves

Neoprene Fuse Gloves

These lightweight gloves from NRS could be the perfect solution to keep hands warm on cold days and help to prevent blisters. Made from a thin 1mm Terraprene (titanium lined neoprene), they offer warmth, strength but also the flexibility and ‘feel’ when gripping a paddle shaft. The palms are coated with a silicon sticky pattern that provides a strong grip and stops hands slipping. These gloves also come with wrist poppers that allow them to be stored together as a pair, and hung easily to dry.

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Price: £27.96 (RRP £34.95 - Saving £6.99)

NRS Maverick Gloves

Maverick Gloves

These gloves stand out from other water-sports gloves due to the blind stitched, liquid sealed seams and hydro-cuff that can be worn underneath a dry-top wrist seal. This means the Maverick is effectively a waterproof glove, keeping cold water out and warmth sealed inside. With a titanium laminate adhesive, warmth is reflected back, providing one of the warmest gloves we have come across. The 2mm neoprene features a textured grip palm that provides a good level of flexibility and grip on paddle shafts, rope or fishing rods. Suitable for all paddling types including inland touring, kayak angling and sea kayaking during cold/winter conditions.

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Price: £43.96 (RRP £54.95 - Saving £10.99)

Palm Current Mitts

Palm Current Paddle Mitts

Also known as pogies, these Palm Mitts are fleece lined and windproof. They create a warm microclimate around your hands when paddling in wind and spray, and favoured by sea kayakers and inland touring kayakers, who like to keep their hands in direct contact with their paddles. With a drawcord wrist adjustment, and reflective detailing these are well designed by leading manufacturers palm Equipment.
One Size fits all paddle shafts and hand sizes.

Price: £36.00 (RRP £45.00 - Saving £9.00)

Palm Throttle Gloves

Throttle Gloves

The Throttle gloves from Palm Equipment are a multi purpose glove made from a soft 2mm neoprene that provides warmth and also flexibility. What sets the Throttle gloves apart from others is the strong Amara reinforced palms and thumbs that provides extra friction. Perfect for operating cameras, handling fishing line or opening rescue knives. Articulated fingers also allow for more dextrous activities to be performed. Ideal not only for paddlesports, they are also suitable for a wide range of water sports such as sailing, fishing and wind-surfing. Featuring pairing snaps to keep your gloves together in your kit bag.
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Price: £35.20 (RRP £44.00 - Saving £8.80)

NRS Guide Gloves

NRS Guide Gloves

These lightweight fingerless watersports gloves are favoured by raft guides and kayak anglers to prevent blisters or chaffing, whilst the open finger design allows finger dexterity for tying knots and tightening straps etc. Constructed from 1.5mm Neoprene, they offer some thermal protection, but also provides the paddler with cushioning on the palm area. The palms also have a silicon pattern glued on for increased grip, the wrists have some adjustability thanks to the velcro closures. These gloves also have a press-stud feature for easier storage or to hang them up to dry.
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2023 Model coming soon