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General Purpose, Recreational Cags and Paddling Tops

Recommended for all Water-Sports, Including Canoeing and Kayaking


Popular with outdoor centres, canoe clubs or newcomers to the sport.These cags and paddling jackets are designed to keep spray and wind away from the paddler’s upper half. Not as dry as a dry-cag, these jackets are great for paddling in warmer conditions or paddlers on a budget looking for their first paddling top.

Palm Pop Cag

Palm Pop Splash Cag

The Palm Pop is a basic yet functional spray cag for recreational paddling and commercial operators. Offering a windproof PU coated nylon shell, with simple neoprene wrist cuffs and an adjustable drawcord waist. The Velcro adjustable collar can be tightened up to help keep spray out, or opened up for more comfort and ventilation.

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Palm Vector JAcket

Palm Vector

All-round paddling jacket, a favourite amongst newcomers to paddlesport. Manufactured from a durable ripstop, breathable 2-layer material that is tough, but also breathes, allowing moisture to escape. The neck, wrist cuffs and waist are all fully adjustable with Velcro tabs to allow a good, splash-proof fit, and to ventilate it needs be. Also features a watertight zipped 'kangaroo' style front pocket for essentials such as snacks.

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NRS Echo Splash Jacket

A multi purpose jacket great for kayaking, canoeing and SUPing. Designed to offer protection against rain wind and splash. This cag is a great option for people who want a packable to jacket they can quickly and easily throw on when the heavens open on the wind picks up. The waterproof breathable 2.5 layer HyproTex™ fabric allows sweat and condensation to evaporate while keeping rain and wind out.

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palm mistral cag

Palm Mistral Touring Cag

A step up from other paddling jackets, the Mistral is a fantastic all-round piece of kit designed primarily for for closed cockpit kayakers. Featuring a highly breathable 2.5 layer breathable fabric, the Mistral also has watertight latex wrist seals and the Velcro adjustable neck can be opened up for comfort/ventilation, or tightened up to help prevent water ingress. What also sets this cag apart from others, is the built-in 'Twin-Waist' system for touring kayakers wishing to use a spray-deck. Click Here for more information on the Mistral