Kayak Fishing Anchors and Accessories

Anchor Systems and Anchor Accessories for Kayak Fishing

Many kayak anglers choose to use an anchoring system to hold position and spend more time fishing, and less time paddling. Some thought needs to be placed in how to set up an anchor system safely onto a fishing kayak, and there are a multitude of different ideas to find the right solution. Below are our ready-made kits, and also a selection of component parts for kayak anglers to purchase. If you are looking for items that aren't listed, please Contact Us or call us on 01925 818437 for prices and availability.

Anchor Reel

Dive Reel

Pick Up Buoy - Orange

Pick Up Buoy

Anchor Trolley Kit

Anchor Trolley Kit

6mm Anchor Shackle

6mm Shackle

Pad Eye(2 pack)

Pad Eye

10mm Floating Rope Per Meter

Floating Rope

5mm braided line Per Meter

5mm Cord

5mm Bungee Cord Per Meter

Bungee Cord