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Buoyancy Aids For White Water

Buoyancy Aids - Rescue PFD's From Manchester Canoes

All CE approved, these buoyancy aids or personal flotation devices as they are also known, have been specifically designed for use on white water rivers- whether it be coaching, river running, surfing or playboating. Often containing additional buoyancy to give more support when swimming in aerated water and more pocket space to carry rescue kit on the person. Some of these also have built in body armour for protection against rocks, and some have an integral quick release chest harness for safety and rescue applications.

Below are a selection of our best selling white water BA's. Please contact us if you are looking for a model that isnt' displayed.

Palm Nevis PFD

Palm Nevis

The latest PFD from Palm, the Nevis features ground breaking safety developments for the most up to date and comfortable buoyancy aid.

NRS Ninja PFDs for freestyle and WW paddling

NRS Ninja

Lightweight, slimline and simple. The Ninja is hugely popular for everyday low-grade white-water use and extended touring.

Palm FX PFD In red

Palm FX

Simple, comfortable and practical white water PFD that offers great freedom of movement.

Peak River Guide

Peak River Guide

The ever popular flagship PFD from Peak. Featuring a fantastic array of pockets for carrying safety and rescue equipment.

Astral Green Jacket

Astral Green Jacket

The iconic Green Jacket is still hugely popular for white water paddlers exploring the steepest rivers across the globe.

Astral Serpent

Astral Serpent 2.0

The Serpent is a classic white water buoyancy aid from way back. Astral have given it a modern facelift, but kept true to its original concept.

Peak River Guide

Peak River Wrap

Featuring Peak's patent pending wrap fit, this buoyancy aid has a unique entry and adjustment system for a fantastic fit.

Palm FXr PFD In Aqua

Palm FXr

Packed with all the features you would expect to find on a w-w rescue PFD, the FXR is an over the head, vest style buoyancy aid.

NRS Zen PFD in Black

NRS Zen Rescue

The updated Zen has been well designed as a modern rescue buoyancy aid, with quick release harness and 6 point adjustment for a secure fit.


Palm Extrem

Ever evolving, the Extrem has undergone another facelift to bring it up to date with modern advancements in PFD technology.