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Canoe Paddles for Open Canoeing

Canoe Paddles have a Single Blade On One End and T Handle on the Other


Economy Canoe Paddle

Carlise Economy Canoe Paddle

Entry level canoe paddle, alloy shaft and plastic blades.


Price £23.95

Standard Alloy Canoe Paddle

Standard Alloy Canoe Paddle

Alloy shaft with strong plastic blades.



Price £29.95

Prijon Canoe Paddle

Standard Alloy Canoe Paddle

Tough canoeing and rafting paddle



Price £54.95

Carlisle Beavertail Paddle

Carlise Beavertail canoe paddle

Lightweight basswood paddle with Beavertail shaped blade.



Price £39.99

Grey Owl Scout

Grey Owl Scout wooded canoe paddle

General purpose basswood paddle with square shape blade.



Price £54.95

Grey Owl Voyaguer

Grey Owl Voyaguer wooden canoe paddle

Multilaminate wooden general purpose paddle made with Cherry, butternut, ash and bass.


Price £74.95

Grey Owl Sugar Island

Grey Owl Sugar Island wooden canoe paddle

Multilaminate wooden general purpose paddle made with Cherry, bass, walnut and ash.


Price £99.95

Grey Owl Sagamore

Grey Owl Sagamore oiled wooden canoe paddle

The Sagamore is a deep water touring paddle made with black cherry wood.



Prices From £124.95

Werner Bandit

Werner Bandit Canoe Paddle

Fibreglass canoe paddle for technical river runs.



Price £161.99

Werner Nantahala

Werner Nantahala

Versatile canoe paddle for recreational and whitewater canoeing.


Price £161.99

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