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Canoe Paddles

Single bladed paddles for canoeing, open boating and rafting.

Don't be caught up the creek without one! Canoe paddles all have a T-grip at one end and single blade at the other, connected by a shaft in the middle. Constructed from different materials to suit every budget and paddling style.

Alloy and plastic paddles are the least expensive, most durable but are generally heavier, cold to hold and not the nicest 'feel' when being pulled through the water. Wooden paddles are the most popular, have a nice feel and are mid-priced and warm to hold. Composite paddles are the most expensive but also the highest performing and mainly used on white-water rivers.

Generally speaking shorter, wider blades are considered general purpose/all-round paddles for all water conditions, and the longer, thinner shaped blades are for deep water environments such as lakes or sea lochs. All canoe paddles are available in different lengths; the floor to the paddlers shoulder when stood up is a good starting point if you are unsure which size to purchase.

If you need any help or advice when purchasing a canoe paddle,please contact us by email or phone 01925 818437 to talk with any of our staff members (all experienced canoeists).

Wooden Canoe Paddles

Grey Owl Owlet

Grey Owl Owlet

Scaled down children's paddle, 42 inches in length perfect for junior canoeists.


Quessy Aspen

Quessy Aspen Canoe Paddle

An affordable general purpose Canadian made wooden canoe paddle.


Grey Owl Scout

Grey Owl Scout wooden canoe paddle

‘Beavertail’ shaped lightweight allround paddle made from bass wood.


Grey Owl Voyageur

Grey Owl Voyaguer wooden canoe paddle

Very popular, lightweight well built all-round paddle for use on all water types.


Grey Owl Sprite

Grey Owl Sprite wooden canoe paddle

A performance bent shaft canoe paddle for maximum efficiency


Grey Owl Sagamore

Grey Owl Sagamore oiled wooden canoe paddle

Constructed from Black Cherry and only suitable for deep water paddling.


Badger Tripper

Badger Tripper Canoe Paddle

A slender deep water canoe paddle handmade in Canada from Cherry wood.


Badger Tail

Badger Tail Canoe Paddle

Traditional wooden beavertail canoe paddle made from a single piece of cherry.


Badger La Bonga

Badger La Bonga

An all-round Cherrywood teardrop paddle for use in both deep and shallow water.


Badger Oil

Badger Oil

For the upkeep of oiled wooden paddles, wooden gunwales thwarts and yokes.


Metal, Plastic and Composite Canoe Paddles

Pelican Beavertail Paddle

Pelican Beavertail Canoe Paddle

A Basic Canadian canoe paddle useful for beginners, clubs and centres, or as a spare paddle.


Alloy Canoe Paddle

Standard Alloy Canoe Paddle

Basic, but one of our strongest, most robust paddles for high use environments.


Carlisle Standard Paddle

Carlisle Standard Canoe Paddle

Strong sturdy canoe paddle thats comfortable to use for extended periods of time.


Streamlyte CanoeStix

Streamlyte Canoe Stix Foundation

UK manufactured, strong and durable perfectly suited to British rivers.


Werner Nantahala

Werner Nantahala Canoe Paddle

Top of the range white water canoe paddle.