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Kayak Paddle Leashes

Keep Your Paddle Safe

Simple, yet effective, these leashes have been designed to help prevent paddlers loosing their fishing rods or kayak paddles. Attach one end to the kayak or canoe (never the person), and the other around the paddle shaft and in the event of a capsize, strong gust of wind or in the sudden need to let go. These leashes allow paddles to stay tethered to the kayak within easier reach of the paddler.

Feelfree Paddle Leash

Feelfree Paddle Leash

Simple, yet effective- our best selling paddle leash is 1.1 metres in length, and can stretch to nearly two metres if required. One end is looped so it can be 'larks footed' around deck-lines or inbuilt security bars. The other end has an adjustable Velcro attachment, so it can be easily fitted quickly around various diameter paddle shafts or fishing rods.

Price: £12.95

North Water Bungee Paddle Leash

North Water Bungee Leash

From Canadian company North Water, this leash comprises of a wide diameter shock cord, that can extends to over two meters, and a corrosion resistant snap hook that can easily be operated when wearing gloves, or in cold temperatures. The paddle attachment is constructed from a one inch Velcro backed webbing for durability and strength.

Price: £16.95

North Water Coiled Paddle Leash

North Water Coiled Paddle Leash

Our top-of-the-range, deluxe paddle leash for serious kayakers features a high-quality coil, which stretches from 1.5 to 5.5 ft. and returns back to its original shape. The tough, plastic snap hook clips securely on to a deck line, or attachment point, whilst the 1.5" webbing with Velcro securely wraps around the paddles shaft. Unlike other leashes, this one prevents tangling thanks to the Stainless-Steel swivels on both ends, that eliminate twisting and help ensure the product's long life.

Price: £26.95