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Accessory Mounts and Plates

Kayak Fishing Mounts for Rod Holders, Fixtures and Fittings

If you are looking to add accessories to your fishing kayak, bespoke to your requirements you may find yourself needing aftermarket mounts to achieve this. Adding additional mounting plates or track mounts offers opportunities to secure any accessories you wish to have with you when out fishing; be that additional or adjustable rod holders, fish finders or more.

Please note that matching mounts to accessories is important as it is not common that brands are compatible between one another. If you are unsure then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Below are some of the most popular options from Feelfree, Railblaza, RAM Mounts and Scotty, but if you are unable to find what you are looking for please Contact Us or call us on 01925 818437 if you have any questions.


Fixed Railblaza Mounts

These products are fixed to your kayak at all times, these will require additional hardware (included) to secure to the kayak and in some cases will require drilling through the kayak to secure.

Railblaza StarPort MountRailblaza Starport Mount

This small low-profile mount is the classic Railblaza mount. Simple, elegant and crucially lockable the StarPort is designed to interface with all Railblaza accessories and as such can be used interchangeably depending on what accessories you desire to take with you. Complete with a water-tight gasket, splash cover and all the required hardware for installation. Available in either Black or White colour options.

Railblaza StarPort HD

Starport HD

With many kayaks coming with pre-disposed drill holes or captive nuts on the deck or hatch covers Railblaza designed the StarPort HD to fit the mount pattern of these (matching RAM, Scotty and Cannon among others). A larger platform with four securing bolts the StarPort HD is sturdy, designed to be used interchangeably across the Railblaza Range while still having a locking feature. Also running a much lower profile than others on the market (ideal for not catching it when car topping).

Railblaza SidePort

Tracloader Sideport

The SidePort is perfect for when you need a horizontal StarPort but have vertical space to instal one. Still offering all the features found on any other StarPort including a lockable system and an interchangeable design to work across the Railblaza range. Suitable for installation inside the cockpit (or inside a gunwale on an open canoe) to add rod holders or fish finders. These can also be fitted horizontally for a vertical StarPort perfect for the Transducer Arm XL.

Track Mounted Railblaza Mounts.

These products offer freedom for interfacing onto the vast majority of track systems on fishing kayaks, they can also be easily removed or adjusted for optimum performance. Fitting to Hobie H-Track, Wilderness Systems Slide Trax, Feelfree UniTrack, Vibe, RTM, Scotty Tracks, RAM Mounts Tracks, Yak Attack, Ocean Kayaks and more.

Railblaza Tracloader

Tracloader Starport

A tool free solution for mounting accessories, with dual T-Bolts and a number of bolt types supplied the Railblaza TracLoader StarPort will fit into the vast majority of track systems out there. With a StarPort facing upwards it is idea to hold any Railblaza accessory, be that fish finder screen or rod holder. The two bolts give exceptional security and can be easily adjusted to the perfect location.

Railblaza Tracloader Sideport

Tracloader Sideport

Similar to the TracLoader StarPort the SidePort is a tool free mounting solution, with a horizontally positioned StarPort. This makes it absolutely perfect for mounting accessories off the side of the kayak such as the Transducer Arm XL. The mount comes with dual T-Bolt fittings and between the various (included) bolts it will fit into a wide range of tracks from leading manufactures (see above).

Railblaza Miniport TracMount

Miniport Tracmount

A compact and easy to adjust StarPort, the MiniPort takes up less track space than the TracLoaders. Simple to instal, the Miniport still offers a locking system which can be operated with a single hand. Adjustment is as simple as twisting it and sliding along the track to the desired position. Please note while these are easy to use the MiniPort is designed for lighter duties, such as navigation lights or phone holders.


Scotty Flush Deck Mount

Scotty Flush Deck Mount

A rectangular deck mount compatible with all Scotty products, sitting flush to the deck the Flush Deck Mount is an extremely low-profile mount, and allows for the smallest extrusion with maximum functionality. Using the same footprint as Scotty Locking Side Deck it will helpfully fit onto any recessed or captive nuts. Complete with a splash cover to plug the mount when not in use.

Scotty Gear Head Track Mount

Scotty Gear Head Track Mount

A quick and easy to mount solution, the Gear-Head Track Adapter offers a drill free solution to mounting Scotty accessories, perfect for rod holders like the Baitcaster (no base) or Universal 5” Fish Finder Mount. Can be secured in place by simply turning the head unit, this means it can be adjusted at leisure even when out on the water.


RAM Ball Mount

Ram Ball Mounts

The classic RAM Mount, the ball mount is fitted to a flat 2.5” base and has pre-drilled holes ready to mount to your kayak. Available in two sizes 1” or 1.5” these balls will accommodate the majority of RAM accessories and make for the perfect reliable location to add accessories such as rod holders while still being able to twist and swivel on the ball joint. Fittings not included see below for options.

RAM Track Ball Mount with T-Bolt

Ram T Track Ball Mounts

A rubber ball base with a T-Bolt attachment for slide tracks. Compatible with many T-Track systems including Hobie H-Track, Wilderness Systems SlideTrax and more. A quick turn of the ball will allow for the base to slide along the track and give unparalleled flexibility in positioning your accessories, while the rubber base ring gives security when tightened. Available in two sizes 1” and 1.5” these mounts will accommodate a wide range of RAM accessories.

RAM Ball Mount Quick Release Track Base

Ram Ball Mounts

Offering an easy to use and adjust Quick Release ball system the Track Base offers improved security over the T-Bolt for larger items such as fish finders or cameras. A simple turn of the ball will allow the base to slide along a track (compatible with most tracks commonly found on fishing kayaks) to give easy mounting close to the water. Available in two sizes 1” and 1.5” these mounts will accommodate a wide range of RAM ball-based accessories.


Feelfree Uni-Track Mounting PlateFeel Free Uni-Track

A quick release plate designed to fit into the track systems found on all Feelfree fishing kayaks, compatible with RAM, Scotty and Railblaza mounting bases this is an ideal product to add your favourite accessories to an easy to adjust and manoeuvre solution without needing to drill or seal the hull. Perfect if changing which accessories, you are taking out with you when you hit the water.

Price: £39.95

Feelfree Uni-bar Deluxe Feel Free Uni-Bar Deluxe

An accessory mounting bar which attaches to the slide tracks on Feelfree Fishing kayaks to turn the cockpit area into a command centre. With three Uni-Track Mounting Plates and five Track Hooks all your accessories can be raised from the hull (perfect for bigger reels) or for keeping your fish finder screen at a more comfortable viewing height, and all cables neatly stowed via the hooks. These can also be used for hanging gear in an easy to reach location.

Price: £189.99


Stainless Steel Fitting Kit (pack of 4) Stainless Fitting Kit

Marine grade stainless steel fitting kit for fitting accessories such as rod holders or fish finder mounts to kayaks, solid hatch covers or tackle pods. M6 size is suitable for Scotty/Railblaza kit, and M5 is suitable for RAM products.

Price: £2.99

Well Nuts (pack of 4)Well Nuts (pack of 4)

A useful fixing option when access inside the kayak does not allow for nuts and bolts to be used. These well nuts come with M5 marine grade stainless steel bolts, and 'self-seal' when tightened up.

Price: £3.99

Sikaflex Clear Sealant 300ml

Sikaflex Sealant

A flexible and strong adhesive that makes the ideal sealant when installing a wide range of accessories on your fishing kayak. Supplied as a standard 300ml cartridge.

Price: £11.95