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Kayak Paddle Floats

Paddle Floats to aid re-entry after capsizing.

Considered to be an essential piece of safety and rescue equipment. Sea kayakers have developed these floating devices to be fitted onto the end of kayak paddles, adding stability for self-rescue and re-entry techniques. They also have many other uses, including backrest support, kayak buoyancy and to assist in rolling practise. Available as either solid foam floats which are quicker to deploy and more durable, however are much bulkier, taking up more storage space. Or inflatable, which take more time to prepare and set up for use, but pack down much smaller and easier to store on or inside the kayak.

Like all safety equipment, we advise that all paddlers take professional instruction and training in their correct usage, and have sufficient practise in the products applications.

Inflatable Paddle Float

Inflatable Paddle Float

The Beluga paddle float has been designed to contain two separate air chambers to provide extra reliability and security if one side was to fail. The durable, abrasion resistant 200 denier nylon material creates a nice piece of kit, designed for use in sea kayak rescue scenarios. The benefits of using an inflatable paddle float, is that it can easily be rolled up and stored out the way when not in use- compared to a solid foam paddle float. A quick-release leash can be secured to the paddle shaft, or used to roll-up the float for storage.

Price: £29.95

Standard Foam Paddle Float

Standard Foam Paddle Float

For kayakers that prefer a solid foam paddle float, rather than an inflatable float. The Beluga Standard foam paddle float offers a simple, practical solution for quick rescues. Constructed from tough 200 Denier nylon, with PVC mesh sides to allow water to drain away, and help with drying it out after use. The paddle slides between the two pieces of thick mini-cell foam, and is held in place with a webbing strap and buckle.

Price: £19.95 (RRP £29.95 - Saving £10.00)

Deluxe Foam Paddle Float

Deluxe Foam Paddle Float

Constructed from a hard wearing outer cover, made from 200 Denier nylon, with fabric mesh side panels for quick drainage. The inner is made from high quality minicell foam sheets, that allow the paddle to be slipped between them. The paddle is then secured using the webbing straps and quick release buckle. This ‘Deluxe’ model comes in a bright, easy to spot visible colour for safety and also has a reflective strip stitched into the cover. More durable and faster to deploy than an inflatable float, this solid foam float can be stored behind the seat, in a hatch, or under deck-lines/bungees for ease of access.

Price: £24.95 (RRP £34.95 - Saving £10.00)

Palm Inflatable Paddle Float

Palm Paddle Float

This simple, inflatable paddle float from Palm Equipment features a single air chamber and buckled securing strap for quick deployment. Made with a welded centre seam and reinforced edging for durability, the screw-lock tube valve is simple to use, even with cold hands.

Price: £32.00