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Sit On Top Kayak Seats

Seats for Sit On Top Kayaks

The backrests listed on this page are our best selling padded seats for sit on top kayaking. These seats will provide a secure, tight fit on most SOT’s from all major brands, providing they have standard seat fixing points fitted (most modern kayaks do).

We thoroughly recommend fitting a seat/backrest to your kayak if there isn't already one in place. These seats offer comfort and support to the paddler, allowing more time to be spent out on the water enjoying themselves. They also offer a better paddling position which in turn provides a more efficient paddling style, and lets the paddler engage and use their core, rather than just their upper body.

These seats are simple to clip in and out of the kayak, so they can be swapped or removed if necessary. We would always advise removing the seat when transporting the kayak on a car roof-rack system. All these seats also have adjustable webbing straps to allow a good fit when in position and allow the paddler to make custom adjustments to alter how upright or reclined they want their backrest to be.

If you are unsure as to whether any of these seats will fit your kayak, please contact us for advice.

Feelfree Canvas Seats

Feelfree Canvas Seat

A basic, low seat constructed from hard wearing canvas, a perfect size for short adults and juniors alike.

Price: £39.95

Feelfree Deluxe Seat

Feelfree Deluxe Seat

A tall, backrest offering fantastic support, our best selling sit on top kayak seat at Manchester Canoes.

Price: £59.95

Wave Sport Whiteout Seat

Wave Sport Whiteout Seat

Constructed from marine grade vinyl, and supplied with every Wave Sport SOT kayak, comes with mesh storage bag.

Price: £75.00