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Canoe and Kayak Trolleys

Beach Carts, Trolleys, Kayak Wheels and Canoe Wheels.

We stock and supply a large range of trolleys suitable for Sit-On-Tops, Sea Kayaks, Open Boats and Touring Kayaks. All designed to break-down, with removable wheels for ease of transportation and storage. Used for rolling your boat down to the water's edge, back to the car after a day out and also manoeuvring heavy boats in and out of storage. They are also a useful addition to day out when portaging a loaded boat around canal locks, rapids or weirs.

Most of the trolleys aren't supplied with a tie-down strap, and we would recommend securing the boat to the trolley using a cam strap (or similar) if you intend to go off-road or over rough terrain. It's also worth knowing that the cradle style trolleys that support the boats hull are much kinder to your kayak than the Sit-On-Top Trolleys that poke through the scupper holes.

Canoe/Open Boat Trolley

canoe trolley

A wide, folding trolley designed for transporting and portaging open canoes and large kayaks.


Small Kayak Trolley

A lightweight, folding trolley that is suitable for sea and touring kayaks and can fit inside a hatch.


C-Tug Trolley (standard wheels)

C Tug Railblaza


A popular, well made collapsible trolley which can take boats of up to 120kg in weight.


C-Tug Trolley (sandtrakz wheels)

C Tug Sandtrakz Railblaza


The same great features and quality as the standard C-Tug but designed for loose, dry sand.


C-Tug Trolley R Kiwi and Sandtrax

C Tug Sandtrakz Railblaza


Perfect for kayaks with cathedral style hulls, Available with Kiwi or Sandtrax wheels. Conversion kits also available for original C tug owners