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White Water Kayaking Equipment

Equipment for River Running, White Water and Surf Paddling

The UK has a wealth of classic white-water rivers, and when it rains paddlers head to the mountains to test themselves against the waterfalls and rapids on these upland sections of river. During dry spells, paddlers will often find themselves on ocean surf, tide races, man-made courses or dam released rivers. Apart from requiring specialised kayaks or canoes, paddlers also need specially designed equipment to run these rivers successfully and safely.

We stock white water paddling equipment from the highest regarded manufactures, and aim to stock the best white water kit available. All of the staff here have a wealth of experience on white water, and whether you are taking your first steps onto moving water or a seasoned veteran please Contact Us or call us on 01925 818437 if you have any questions, or can't find what you are looking for.