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Hobie Kayaks Equipment & Accessories

Equipment and spare parts for the Hobie Kayaks Range

Hobie Kayaks Sail Kits

Hobie sail kits

Add some sail power to your Hobie Mirage Drive kayak with the Hobie Sail Kit.

Price: From £492.26 (RRP £546.95 - Saving £54.69)

Hobie Kayaks Sidekick AMA Kit

Hobie Sidekick AMA kit

Add extra stability to your kayak with the Sidekick AMA Kit. Great for fishing and photography.

Price: £289.95

Hobie Mirage Drive Stow Bag

Hobie stow bag

Stow bag to transport and protect your Hobie Mirage Drive System


Price: £93.95

Kayak Covers (multiple sizes)

Kayak covers for Hobie's

Prolong the life of your Hobie and protect it from the elements while storing it outside.

£187.16 (RRP £207.95 - Saving £20.79)

Hobie Hatch Liners

Hobie hatch liners

Storage liner for your Hobie kayak. Perfect for storing fish or gear.


Price: £79.16 (RRP £87.95 - Saving £8.79)

Hobie Kayaks Standard Plug In Cart

Hobie Standard Plug in Cart

Lightweight and robust cart featuring removable wheels for convenient storage.

Price: £179.95 (RRP £199.95 - Saving £20.00)

Hobie Kayaks Trax 2 Cart

Hobie Trax 2 Cart

The Trax 2 features pneumatic tires that you can the pressure to suit the terrain. Great for use on sand and rough terrain.

Price: £269.95 (RRP £299.95 - Saving £30.00)

Hobie Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

Hobie heavy duty cart for kayaks

The Heavy Duty Kayak Cart is designed to transport the larger kayaks in the Hobie range such as the Pro Angler & Tandem Island.

Price: £230.35 (RRP £255.95 - Saving £25.60)

Hobie Rod Leash

Hobie rod leash

Leash to securely attach your fishing rod to your kayak.


Price: £26.06 (RRP £28.95 - Saving £2.89)

Drift Chute

Hobie drift chute

Slow down drifting when in windy conditions with the Hobie Drift Chute.


Price: £47.66 (RRP £52.95 - Saving £5.29)

Anchor Trolley System

Hobie anchor trolley system

Deploy a drift chute or an anchor on your Hobie with this adjustable anchor trolley system.


Price: £84.56 (RRP £93.95 - Saving £9.39)