Meet the staff


Gary’s voyage into the world of Manchester Canoes began back in the mists of time, on its opening day back in March 2013. Wandering in for a nosey around and to pick up some rod holders for his fishing kayak, Gary met Duffer. A few hours later Gary left with new rod holders and a Saturday job at the shop!

A self-taught paddler, with over a decade of experience, Gary’s passion lies with the sub-sport of kayak angling. Often making the journey along the A55 to Anglesey’s west coast for the seasonal bass run.

Gary can also be found exploring the local waterways and extensive canal network around the Warrington and the North West. With a wealth of information on esoteric places to paddle within the vicinity of Manchester Canoes. Gary also plans to venture further afield to paddle the Great Glen this Autumn.

Gary enjoying a well deserved brew

Gary in the Expression 11