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Islander Kayaks

From UK manufacturers Islander, the most popular models are now available to order through Manchester Canoes. Islander are well known for their high quality, great designs and now their award winning kayaks manufactured from marine recycled plastics- a first for the industry.

Islander Calypso

Islander Calpyso

The Calypso is the flagship boat from the Islander range, designed to carry one person and making a great sit-on-top kayak for calm waters.

Islander Jive

Islander Jive

From the same mould as the ever popular Dagger Blackwater, the Jive is now under the Islander brand, and just as good as the original.

Islander Bolero

Islander Bolero

The longest day touring kayak from Islander was formerly known as the Dagger Charleston. Perfect for longer days out or overnight camping trips.

Islander Calypso Recycled

Islander Calpyso Recycled

The classic design of the Islander Calypso now available in high quality recycled marine plastic.

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Islander Fiesta
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