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Open Canadian Canoes

Traditional Canadian Style Open Canoes

Going by various names- Open Boats, Canadians or Canoes. One thing they all have in common is their load carrying capabilities. Originally designed by the First Nations of the North American continent, they were then taken on by hunters, trapper and explorers. Modern canoes haven’t changed much from their original shape, but instead of being made from birch bark or animal hides. These days they are constructed from hard wearing plastic, lightweight composite materials or even inflatable Nitrilon.

The great advantage of open canoes is their large carrying capacity, allowing paddlers to go tandem, paddle with the whole family, and if needed take enough camping equipment to disappear away from it all, or embark on multiday adventures.

Affordable Recreational Canadian Canoes for sale

Our Most Popular Canoes

There is a good reason these are our best sellers, classic designs and all suitable for recreational use in the UK and further afield.

Tough & Durable Canoes for sale

Canoes with Triple Layer Construction

Our strongest and most durable canoes. Designed for longevity, moving water and hard-wear settings such as outdoor centres.

Lightweight Canoe

Lightweight Canoes

Due to their size, most canoes are a recommended 2 person lift. However, these composite open boats can weigh under 16kg.

Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable Canoes

For those not wanting to car top, or have the room to store a 15ft canoe, these inflatable canoes will pack down to the size a large suitcase.

Inflateable Canoes

Canoe Brands

We stock a wide range of brands click above to see all of our canoe and kayak barnds.

canoeing equipment

Canoe Equipment

Everything you might need to accompany your open boat, including paddles, buoyancy aids, roofracks and outfitting.