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Titan Kayaks

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Titan Kayaks Available in the North West from Manchester Canoes

A grass roots company Titan Kayaks has been built from the ground up by athletes and paddlers themselves. The Titan Kayaks line-up features some very unique designs including a truly all-round white-water creeker 5 years in the making. A sit on top like no other, that opens up a whole raft of possibilities for families, beginners and intermediates. All Titan kayaks are rotomolded from Super Linear HDPE the toughest kayak building material available. Their core mission is to combine high quality manufacture with Innovate designs at an affordable price point.

Dragon From Titan Kayaks

Titan Dragon

A well designed river-running creek boat from Titan Kayaks. Designed to be forgiving on harder white-water and easy to paddle on steeper rivers.

Nymph From Titan Kayaks

Titan Nymph

A true river running kayak, that allows the stern to be sliced through the water, but is also fun to surf and play on easier grades of white-water.

Yantra From Titan Kayaks

Titan Yantra

A predictable white-water kayak, thats perfect for mid grade white water and offers plenty of river play potential.