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Touring Kayaks

We Stock a Wide Range of modern touring kayaks

Kayak Touring probably represents the largest proportion of the what paddlers in the UK do on a regular basis.. Some paddlers chose to tour on sit on top kayaks but the majority of paddlers use a touring sit in (closed cockpit) kayak as they are more efficient, and allow faster progression in the sport.


Kayak touring is often measured in time rather than distance paddled. A four hour relaxing paddle in an 11 foot touring kayak will cover less distance overall than a 15 foot day touring kayak, but the experience and quality of time spent paddling will be equally rewarding.


Designed to be used most UK waterways, including on lakes, canals and coastal waters. At water level, kayakers have a whole new perspective which may reveal views and wildlife you'd never see whilst walking or cycling. Discovering and exploring new places and visiting little known areas is an excellent way to enjoy a touring kayak, with the added bonus of keeping fit and healthy.


Overnight trips and multi-day journeys using touring kayaks are another way of spending time on the water. With the availability of modern lightweight camping kit and the vast development in modern kayaking equipment, these 2 activities can be combined effortlessly. Touring kayaks provide plenty of storage within the watertight hatches to pack for an overnight trip, with some of the larger boats allowing to pack for multi day trips.


Recreational Touring

These kayaks can be enjoyed by everyone from seasoned veterans to total novices, looking to purchase their first kayak.

  • Shorter, lighter and easier to handle.
  • More manoeuvrable and easier to turn than longer kayaks.
  • Usually wider and more stable than performance tourers.
  • Most have a drop down skeg for additional directional stability.
  • Large cockpits for easy access and comfort.
  • Suitable for inland paddling and sheltered coastal waters.

Day Touring Kayaks

Day Touring Kayaks are longer and faster to paddler than Recreational Touring Kayaks with additional storage capacity for camping gear.

  • More efficient to paddle over distance than shorter recreational kayaks.
  • All fitted with front and rear storage compartments with hatch covers.
  • Suitable for inland paddling on lochs, slow moving rivers, estuaries, reservoirs and also inshore coastal waters.


Open Cockpit Kayak Touring

As the name suggests, these kayaks have large open cockpit areas. Customers that like the idea of Canadian Canoeing often choose to buy an Open Cockpit kayak as they are so easy to paddle and comfortable to sit in for longer periods of time.

  • Very easy to get into and out of the kayak, due to the large, wide cockpit opening.
  • Supplied very comfortable, adjustable seats.
  • Suitable for inland paddling and sheltered coastal waters.
  • Great for larger paddlers or those looking for more legroom and maximum comfort.


General Purpose Kayaking

These General Purpose kayaks are often referred to as hybrid or cross-over kayaks. Designed as all-round kayaks these are capable not only for touring, but also on white- water up to Grade 3.

  • General purpose for all round usage, on most water types.
  • Shorter than other touring kayaks. (9-10ft long) Making them more manoeuvrable and faster to turn.
  • Often supplied with a drop-down skeg for tracking on flat water.
  • Suitable for inland paddling, coastal paddling and white-water rivers.
General Purpose Touring Kayaks

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaks are longer than touring kayaks providing a faster paddling speed. Also they are more suited and better able to cope with larger ocean swells. This increase in performance does make them less stable and more suited to experienced paddlers.

  • Provide a faster, more efficient forward paddling speed.
  • Multiple hatches for carrying more kit.
  • Deck layout to maximise storage space.
  • More stable and capable in rougher sea conditions than shorter touring kayaks.


Sea kayaking
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