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Open cockpit kayaks for sale in Manchester

Open Cockpit Touring Kayaks

Very Stable & Easy To Paddle - Great for Lakes, Canals & Rivers

Every town or village has pub called the Halfway House. So it is with canoeing – half way between a traditional sit in kayak and an open canoe are the Open Cockpit Kayaks. Very popular with families because it’s like paddling a canoe with kayak paddles sat lower in the water in a more stable platform. Very efficient for recreational paddling on calmer waters without a great need for months of paddlesport training to get it right. Room for the camping gear and the dog.

Riot Quest 9.5 recreational touring kayak

Riot Quest 9.5

A stable, confidence inspiring boat for flat water paddling.  Ideally suited to first time paddler or those looking for a relaxed and comfortable boat to paddle. 

Riot Quest 10 HV recreational touring kayak

Riot Quest 10 HV

A wide super stable kayak with a large open cockpit design.  A higher weight capacity than the Quest 9.5. Perfect for paddling your local canals, lake or even for a spot of fishing

Perception Sundance

Perception Sundance

Are you looking for the perfect little kayak to store with your caravan, something pocket-sized that will allow you to get out on the water? The Perception Sundance in the perfect little kayak for exploring small lakes or big ponds, whizzing down a little backwater by the van or house. This nippy little kayak is the perfect, stable option for beginner and intermediate paddlers that want to get on the water but have limited storage space.

Perception Tandem Touring Kayak

Perception Prodigy II

There is nothing better in this World than just simply messing around in boats. At least, we're sure someone said that at some point. The Perception Prodigy II has been redesigned from the hull up by Perception to ensure its performance on the water is the most satisfying experience possible. So why not grab your partner, children or friends and get out on the water to mess about in a truly outstanding kayak. With the new upgraded DLX seating system this is the most comfortable way to mess around in boats.

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