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Open cockpit kayaks for sale in Manchester

Open Cockpit Leisure Kayaks

Very Stable and Easy to Paddle

These kayaks are designed for maximum stability for ease of paddling with new paddlers in mind and have a wide, stable hulls making them very reassuring to paddle on flat water. They also have big, open cockpits making them easy to get in and out of, especially from pontoons, steep river banks or canal towpaths. The advantage on this type of kayak over Sit-On-Top Kayaks is that they all offer a much drier ride as the paddler is away from the water, protected by the sidewalls of the kayak, and their lower half is protected from the elements.

These kayaks also have tracking grooves and strong keel-lines in their hull shape making them easy to paddle in a straight line, so the paddler can spend more time enjoying the scenery and exploring the water than trying to stop the kayak turning in circles! They also all have adjustable pedal footrests, and a tall backrest, combined with a padded seat to allow for a comfortable seating position and the kayaker to spend more time out on the water.

Riot Quest 9.5 recreational touring kayak

Riot Quest 9.5

A lightweight (under 18kg), confidence inspiring kayak for smaller adults, children and junior paddlers. Easy to use and designed for calm, flat, sheltered waterways.


Old Town Heron 9 XT

A popular, compact touring kayak with a manufactured in North America, and built using the highest quality materials, fittings and construction methods.

Riot Quest 10 HV recreational touring kayak

Riot Quest 10 HV

A larger version of the Quest 9.5, perfect for bigger paddlers or even a spot of kayak angling.

Pelican Sprint 120XR

Pelican Sprint 100 XR

An incredibly strong yet lightweight kayak for use on both inland waters and sheltered coastal areas, constructed from thermoformed Ram-X Premium polyethylene.

Riot Bayside LV touring kayak with skeg

Riot Bayside 12 LV With Skeg

Designed for use on calm, sheltered waters, with a large, oversized cockpit for ease of entry. Stable, reassuring and room onboard for a little one.

Perception Tandem Touring Kayak

Perception Prodigy II

For those that like to share their on-water experience, Perception Kayaks have designed an open-cockpit tandem tourer. Can be paddled by one or two persons.

Riot Bayside Tandem

Riot Bayside Tandem

A tandem, open cockpit kayak, packed with useful features. A fantastic boat for flat-water touring.