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Viking Kayaks

High Quality Fishing Kayaks from Viking

Viking Kayaks are now available through Manchester Canoes, supplying the North of England, Wales and Scotland. Viking fishing kayaks are hugely popular worldwide, and considered amongst the best out there. Using the highest quality materials and workmanship, Viking Kayaks also have extremely well thought out designs and features. Listed below are our best selling models, and accessories. Please contact us if you require anything from Viking that isn't displayed on our website currently.


Viking Profish 400 Lite

An extremely lightweight and versatile fishing kayak. Weighing in at 24kg's the Profish Lite is still a high quality, durable kayak with lots of great features, but in a smaller package than the Reload but easier to handle, both on and off the water. Still stable and capable of most conditions found throughout the UK, both inland and coastal.


Viking Profish GT

The smallest, most compact of the Viking line-up. Stable and extremely manoeuvrable, this kayak is perhaps better suited for inland and inshore fishing rather than long distance or off-shore marks. The removable tackle-pod is the same as the pod from it's bigger brother the Profish Reload.


Viking Profish Reload

Top of the range- packed with all the features desired by kayak anglers. The Profish Reload has been designed as a sea fishing kayak, capable of covering long distances and coping very well with rough water. A perfect boat for UK coastal waters and featuring heaps of great specs, including the ground breaking removable centre-box.

Viking Tempo 2

Viking Tempo 2

A tandem fishing kayak designed to accommodate solo or tandem paddlers, without compromising on well though-out features. Suitable for most UK waters- from calm reservoirs or canals through to sheltered coastal fishing. For those not keen on angling, the Tempo 2 can also be used a touring and sightseeing tandem sit-on-top.

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