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White water kayaks for sale at Manchester Canoes

White Water Kayaks

Huge range of white water kayaks for sale in the North West

We stock a wide variety of white water kayaks, from short freestyle boats, right through to modern creek boats from all the leading manufacturers. White-water kayaks are designed to be highly manoeuvrable for negotiating rapids and moving water. All the boats listed below are manufactured from either Roto-moulded High-Density Polyethylene or Blow-moulded HTP plastics, which are widely considered to give the strongest, most durable plastics against the abrasion and impacts associated with white-water paddling. Although, these kayaks can be used on flat water, they come into their own on fast-moving water with the new generation of cross-over kayaks being suitable for all-round use including calmer rivers and touring.

Creek / River-Running Kayaks

Higher volume, forgiving kayaks for running more difficult rapids in safety. Strong rocker for manoeuvrability and flat landings. Design features focus on safety as well as comfort and performance.

Surf / River-Play Kayaks

Medium volume, long kayaks designed for speed and the ability to play the river.Generally have low volume, slicey ends for tail squirts, cartwheels etc.Also make great boats for surfing, due to their length and forward speed.

Freestyle Kayaks / Playboats

Low volume, short kayaks for fast turns, competition use and modern aerial moves. Not recommended for novices due to their unforgiving nature, and lack of stability. Not considered suitable for running the UK's hard white-water test pieces.

Wavesport Loop

General Purpose / Cross Over Kayaks

Longer kayaks, with more volume and rear watertight hatches for use on easier grade white-water. Can also be used on flat-water, slow moving rivers, and considered to be true all-round kayaks. Perfect for coaches, paddlers wanting to carry extra equipment. Or simply kayakers who only want to own one boat.