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Freestyle and White Water Playboats

Kayaks For Playboating And Freestyle

Often described as the gymnastics of kayaking, white water freestyle is the art of performing tricks and complex manoeuvures on the features found throughout rapids and man-made courses. These are all short, planing hulled kayaks that are designed to be highly manoeuvrable, whether spinning on a wave, or looping vertically from the water, designed intentionally to catch the flow of water and turn quickly, makes them hard paddle in a straight line and and not really suitable for novices. However, if you want to practice and perform all the latest freestyle moves, then these are the boats for you. Perfect for having fun on you local play feature, these boats are also suitable for the numerous competitive events that are organised across the UK and further afield.

Wavesport Project X

Wave Sport Project X

This classic design is back by popular demand. With the same legendary hull design and available in three sizes to suit different paddlers needs.

Wavesport Mobius Playboat

Wavesport Mobius

The Mobius is Wavesport's latest freestyle offering, with plenty to offer seasoned competitors whilst also allowing less experienced paddlers to progress into all the latest moves.

Suspended from the line up owing to supply chain issues

Wavesport Fuse 48, 56 & 64

Wavesport Fuse

The Fuse's legendary hull design is loose and fast on waves, with a volume distribution that is not only comfy, but delivers control, stability and forward speed.

Suspended from the line up owing to supply chain issues

Jackson Kayaks

Jackson Kayaks

We can offer nationwide delivery on Jackson freestyle kayaks. Please contact us for current prices, shipping options and colour availability.

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