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River-Play and Surf Kayaks

River Running and Playboating Kayaks for Whitewater Use


Not aimed at beginners into the sport, these high performance white-water and surf kayaks have been designed for speed and the ability to make the most out of river and wave features. All have low volume sterns, designed to slice through the water, an essential attribute for pivot turns and stern/tail manoeuvrers. This style of kayak is perfect for 'playing' the river, and carving up green river waves or ocean surf. With these moves in mind and the performance design they can take some getting used to, and perhaps are better suited for intermediate and experienced kayakers, or aspiring white-water shredders.

Liquid Logic Braaap 69 for sale in the UK from Manchester Canoes

Liquidlogic Braaap 69

The Braaap is a unique design, developed for experienced white-water paddlers to run creative lines on rapids and still allow for down-river play. A winning combination of volume distribution and hull shape, equals a boat like no other.

Dagger Kayaks Axiom Boat

Dagger Axiom -

Fast, with sharp rails, the Axiom has proved very popular with kayakers looking a surf boat with a planing hull and the ability to carve it's way through harder white-water, with maximum play potential.

Wavesport Fuse 48, 56 & 64

Wavesport Fuse

Shorter than other boats in it's class, the Fuse was once a cutting edge playboat, but being a touch longer than modern freestyle boats it comes into it's own when on end or surfing shallower waves.

Liquidlogic Mullet

Liquidlogic Mullet

Business (volume) up front, and Party (slicey) at the back, the Mullet carves up seam lines and goes vertical with ease when engaging the tail. Plenty of foot-room for taller paddlers and enough volume for styling hard lines.

Liquid Logic Braaap 69 for sale in the UK from Manchester Canoes

Liquidlogic Party Braaap

The extremely popular leading Braaap design with 2 Gallons of volume taken out of the stern (extra Party). Resulting in a tail happier boat, great for lighter paddlers or those wanting to spend more time looking at the sky.

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