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Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Sit on Top Kayaks for Kayak Angling and Touring

Several of the U.S. based kayak designers Wilderness Systems models, are moulded over here in the U.K. Featuring high end outfitting such as the world famous 'Phase 3 Air Pro' seat system, these boats are loved by kayak anglers and touring paddlers looking for something a bit extra in their SOT. Often coming out top in reviews for well designed features and all the extras that come as standard, to ensure comfort and performance every time the kayak is used. Moulded and assembled to the highest of standards, ensures that every Wilderness Systems Kayak is extremely well made to deliver years of happy paddling.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 E

At 10ft in length, the Tarpon 100 is a nice compromise between forwards speed and manoeuvrability. Featuring 2x 8 inch Orbix hatches that are simple to operate, even with cold hands. The 100 also has a very well designed rear tank-well, offering huge amounts of storage space. Even when compared to much bigger SOT's.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 E

The 12ft version of the Tarpon E has two foot extra waterline, enabling it to track better in a straight line and consequently a faster cruising speed than its smaller sister the 100. The downside being it is slightly heavier, and not a nimble and quick to turn. However, it does come with all the same great features, and also a larger front hatch and higher overall carrying capacity.


If you are looking for a Wilderness Systems Sit On Top Kayak or a Wilderness Systems Touring Kayak that is not listed, please contact us as for current pricing and availability. We have regular deliveries from Wilderness Systems and can supply their entire range of kayaks, throughout the UK and Ireland.