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Buoyancy Aids and Lifejackets

Buoyancy Aids, PFD's and Lifejackets for Canoeing and Kayaking

Every paddler, whether it's their first time out, or a seasoned professional should always wear a personal floatation device every time they venture out onto the water. Providing they fit correctly, all of these buoyancy aids will do their primary job of providing uplift and support, helping to keep the paddler on the surface should they capsize or find themselves swimming in the water.

What sets these buoyancy aids apart (besides the sizing and price), is the materials that they are manufactured from and their built in features. Kayak anglers and coaches tend to like lots of pockets for carrying easy to reach equipment, whereas white-water rescuers will need a quick-release chest harness from a safety perspective. Touring paddlers may want room to fit a hydration bladder or carry items such as snacks or a camera in a front pocket.