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Dagger Phantom

Dagger Rewind

The Latest kayak from Dagger. A fun river runner with serious creeking capabilities.

Dagger Phantom

Dagger Phantom

The Latest Creek Boat from the Dagger Stable. A true thoroughbred, and set to win plenty of extreme races thanks to its fast hull and ability to ride over strong eddy-lines and down river features.

Dagger Katana Crossover Kayak

Dagger Katana

The Katana is the perfect boat for expeditions as it handles brilliantly on both flat and white water. Designed for confidence, flexibility and comfort. An allround kayak.

Dagger Stratos Touring Kayak

Dagger Stratos

The Dagger Stratos is Dagger Kayaks' latest touring model, which replaces the Dagger Charleston. It gives a smooth and forgiving ride for beginners while having plenty to offer an expert too. A fast, stable and playful boat.

Dagger Axis Canoes for Touring

Dagger Axis Elite 10.5

Want an entry-level touring boat that is as stable as a flamingo standing on one leg? Look no further, the Dagger Axis Elite 10.5 is the boat for you.


Dagger Dynamo

Fitting a child to a boat is a thing of the past. Now there are boats made to fit children. The Dagger Dynamo is the perfect little kayak for any young child. It has great lines that will help children progress their paddling ability with ease.


Dagger Axiom 8.0, 8.5 & 9.0

Want a fast, responsive kayak? Want a kayak that will run rivers as well as it will surf a wave? Look no further, Dagger’s Axiom range does everything you need it to. One boat for everything - we know that sounds bonkers, but it’s true. A great club boat.

Dagger Axiom 6.9 Children's Kayak

Dagger Axiom 6.9

The Dagger Axiom 6.9 is a high-quality children's white water kayak. The hull is a fast planing design which features rails along the full length for edging, combined with a dry-ride bow and a low volume playful stern.



Dagger GT Series (GTS, GT, GTX & GT Max)

The Dagger GT Series is probably one of the most popular boat ranges for canoe clubs all over the country. These boats are designed with high performing hulls and great distribution of volume making them great for all-round use whilst not inhibiting progression.


Dagger Nomad

The boat you've been waiting for. The updated version of the Popular Dagger Nomad.


Dagger Mamba

The Dagger Mamba is one of the best all-round river running creek boats there is. With a playful hull that allows you to carve in and out of eddies, this boat will make river running a breeze.

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