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Split Kayak Paddles

2 Piece Paddles for Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayak paddles can come supplied ready to be split into 2 (or sometimes 4) pieces. Two-part paddles make storage and transportation much easier than carrying a full-length paddle. It is often prudent to carry a spare paddle out on the water, especially in rougher conditions, or when far from the shore or car park. An emergency kayak paddle can be used if a main paddle becomes lost or accidently broken.

A spare split paddle can be stashed away in the back of a white-water kayak, behind the seat in an inflatable kayak or on the deck of a touring/sea kayak. Break-apart paddles are also the preferred choice of inflatable kayakers, as having easily transported paddles make sense for when the kayak is packed down into a storage bag.

Split kayak paddles have various different mechanisms to secure the parts in place, so they can be just as effective as one-piece paddles during use on the water. Another advantage of split paddles is that the feather/angle on the blades can be altered, making them suitable for left/right-handed paddlers, and easily adjustable to suit the prevailing conditions.

Riot Distance - 2 Part

Riot Distance - 2 Part split kayak paddle

Budget 2-part paddles that are suitable for entry-level kayakers. Tough plastic blades are mounted onto an alloy shaft with a push-button spigot.


Feelfree Day Tour

Our best-selling paddles, and are available as a 2-piece option on either an alloy or glass-fibre shaft. Simple push-button spigot connection.

From: £59.95

Werner Touring

All of these paddles come supplied as a 2-piece option as standard, and feature the innovative Werner Smart View ferrule system.


Enigma Code Red

Code Red 2 Part Paddle from Enigma

A lightweight kayak with glass fibre blades, set onto a two-part carbon fibre shaft. The paddle length is adjustable on a lever-lock system.


Enigma Code Carbon

Enigma Code Carbon Paddle

A strong, light kayak 2-piece kayak paddle constructed from carbon fibre for high performance. Adjustable length lever-lock shaft.


Beluga Marathon 4 Piece Paddle

Break-apart paddles, that are stored in 4x short lengths. Ideal to carry as a spare/emergency paddle or for inflatable canoe/kayaks.


Split Paddle Bag

Enigma Paddle Bag

For keeping break-apart paddles safe and secure during storage and transit. Padded for protection, with 2x separate internal compartments.

Price: £29.95 (RRP £34.95 - Saving £5.00)

North Water Paddle Britches

Paddle Britches

A simple, removable kayak paddle storage system, that is securely held into place on touring and sea kayak deck-lines using Velcro straps.

Price: £44.95

North Water Paddle Scabbards

Paddle Scabbards

Threaded onto sea kayak deck-lines to secure spare paddles in place, even in heavy seas. They can clip apart to allow for easy hatch access.


Price: £59.95