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Split Paddles

Also known as two-part or break down paddles.

Split paddles can be taken apart into multiple pieces to reduce their overall length for ease of storage and transport. Particularly useful for a number of reasons:

  • Carrying spare/emergency paddles inside the back of your kayak or secured onto the kayak deck.
  • Inflatable canoes pack down to a small size, it can make sense that your paddle also packs down to a small size.
  • Flying with paddles can lead to oversized luggage; split paddles can often fit inside a holdall or short paddle bag.
  • Split paddles will often have various feather settings, so they can be used by left or right-handed paddlers.

Feelfree Day Tour

Feelfree Day Tourer- our best selling sit-on-top and touring paddle is available with 2 part split options.

Prices From £54.95

Riot Distance - 2 Part

Riot Distance - 2 Part split kayak paddle

Riot Distance- designed for sea kayaking and inland touring, available in different lengths to suit different sized paddlers.

Prices From £44.95

Werner Touring - 2 Part

Werner Touring- all touring and sea kayaking Werner paddles are 2 piece and are amongst the best paddles available anywhere.

Prices From £139.99

Werner Whitewater

All Werner white water paddles can be ordered in 2 or 4 part split options.

Prices from £349.99

TNP Rapa 4 Part Split

TNP Rapa 4 piece split paddle

TNP Rapa- budget 4 part split paddle, perfect for coaches and groups exploring white-water rivers.

Price £164.99


Nort Water Paddle Scabbards

Paddle Scabbards

A neat solution for sea kayakers to carry a 2nd pair of paddles close to hand.

Price: £42.95

North Water Paddle Britches

Paddle Britches

Easily removable britches for attaching spare paddles to sea and touring kayak decks. (colour may vary from image shown)

Price: £32.95