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Touring, Sea Kayaking and Sit On Top Paddles

Paddles for sea, touring, fishing and recreational use.

Whether taking your first steps onto the water at your local canal, or planning to circumnavigate the UK by sea kayak, an essential piece of equipment will be a set of paddles. Ranging in price from around £45.00 all the way up to £599.00, the difference will be in the materials they are constructed from and how they are manufactured. As a basic rule, the higher the price the lighter paddle becomes- an important consideration when thinking about how many repetitive forward paddle strokes you might be doing even during an average paddling trip.

Standard Paddles

These paddles are great for first-time buyers or newcomers into the sport and have been constructed from a mixture of alloy, polypropylene or glass fibre materials. Providing great value for money to provide inexpensive robust paddles aimed for sea kayakers and sit on top paddlers alike.

Feelfree Day Tour

Our best selling kayak paddles, available in different length's, materials and as 2-part Splits.


Beluga Marathon 4 Piece Paddle

The perfect paddle for those short on space. These paddles split down into 4x pieces, great for inflatable kayakers, or as a spare.


Streamlyte Kinetic Tour - Foundation

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour - Foundation</

High-angle sea and touring paddle, with glassfibre reinforced blades for more performance.


Premium Paddles

For those looking for state of the art paddles, available in premium carbon and glass fibre layups, to provide the most durable, lightest paddles available. With different blade shapes and surface areas, these paddles are suitable for all touring and sea paddling applications including High or Low angled paddlers.

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Enthusiast

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Enthusiast

Adding carbon fibre to the Kinetic shaft gives greater strength and rigidity.


Werner Tybee

Werner Tybee paddle

Perfect for those wanting the Werner quality and split system but working on a tighter budget.


Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Premier

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Premier

The lightest paddle in the Kinetic line-up featuring glass/diolen blades.


Enigma Code Red

Enigma Code Red Paddle

Glass fibre Sea Kayaking and Touring Paddle with an adjustable shaft length.


Enigma Code Carbon

Enigma Code Carbon Paddle

Carbon fibre Sea Kayaking and Touring Paddle with an adjustable shaft length.


Werner Shuna

Popular High-angle touring paddle. Available in carbon and fibreglass models.


Werner Corryvrecken

Werner Corryvrecken

 Full size blades ideal for High Angle paddlers who want powerful strokes.


VE Explorer Glass

VE Explorer Glass Paddle

2-part touring and sea kayaking paddle with variable length shaft and glass blades.


Ultimate Paddles

Representing the best sea kayaking and performance touring paddles on the market. What sets these apart from others is shown in their construction and materials used. These paddles are full carbon fibre and performance foam/air-core, and designed for those looking at using the highest performing paddles available.

Enigma Code Foam Core

Enigma Code Foam Core Carbon

Foam Core Cranked Carbon fibre Sea Kayaking and Touring Paddle with an adjustable shaft length.


Werner Cyprus

Werner Cyprus carbon paddle

Mid-sized high angle blades are extremely popular and suitable for most paddlers.


Werner Ikelos

Werner Ikelos

The same winning shape as the Cyprus blades, but slightly larger in size for more power.


Werner Athena

The Werner Athena Touring & Sea Kayak Paddle

Small sized, low angle blade design for smaller sea kayakers who prefer a relaxed paddle style.