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Kayak Paddles for WW & All Round

Paddles for River Running, All Round Paddling, Steep Creeking and Freestyle Kayaking


Standard Paddles
These paddles are great for first time buyers and have been constructed from a mixture of polypropylene and glass fibre materials.
These give great value for money and are an inexpensive robust paddle for use on easier grade white water and all-round paddling.

Alloy Kayak Paddle

Alloy Kayak Paddle

Robust alloy paddle for white water kayaking - Perfect for those starting out.



Palm Maverick G1

Budget all-round paddle from Palm for easier grade white water.



TNP Rapa

TNP Rapa paddle

Strong and robust white water paddle that can also be used for general purpose paddling.


Werner Rio

For those looking for legendary Werner quality at a lower price for intermediate and aspiring white water paddlers



Premium Paddles
For those looking for state of the art paddles, available in premium carbon and glass fibre layups, providing the most durable paddles available.
With different blade shapes and surface areas, these paddles are suitable for all moving water paddling types and styles.
All our Premium Paddles are available as Left-Handed or with Custom Length and Feathers. (please contact us for special order)

Werner Powerhouse

Large, powerful full-size paddles for well conditioned paddlers whilst river running and creeking.



Werner Sherpa

With the same blade shape as the Powerhouse, these have less surface area. Designed for less powerful, smaller paddlers.


Werner Sidekick

Large, powerful paddles primarily designed for playboating and freestyle white water paddlers.



Werner Player

Designed for less powerful, smaller paddlers or those looking for a faster stroke rate whilst playboating.




Ultimate Paddles
Representing the best paddles on the market. Werner have developed a range of Core paddles for use on the World’s most difficult whitewater.
What sets these apart from others is shown in their construction and materials used.
Full carbon fibre and performance foam-core, for those looking at using the highest performing paddles available.
All our Ultimate Paddles are available as Left-Handed or with Custom Length and Feathers. (please contact us for special order)

Werner Sho-Gun

Full-Size white water paddles designed for strong paddlers whilst river running and steep creeking.



Werner Stikine

Werner Stikine

Mid-Sized river running, steep creeking paddles for less powerful or smaller paddlers.



Werner Odachi

Werner Odachi

Werner’s largest blade area, designed specifically for strong paddlers wanting THE most powerful paddles for extreme racing.


Werner Double Diamond

Ultimate Core Performance for white water freestyle and playboating paddlers wanting only the best.


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