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Nova Craft Canoes UK

Imported Nova Craft Canoes for sale in the UK.

Novacraft Canoe have been manufacturing composite, lightweight canoes in Ontario Canada since 1970. This well-established brand is well known across North America, and also proves popular this side of the Pond. Not only are Nova Craft famous for their use of light yet strong canoes, they are also extremely popular for their robust, hard-wearing triple layer SP3 Prospectors.

Here at Manchester Canoes, we import Nova Craft Canoes directly from their Canadian factory and can supply any model and spec. of Nova Craft canoe (see Nova Crafts own website for all options). Below are some of the more popular the models we like to try and keep in stock at our Manchester Canoes showroom.

If you have any questions relating to any Nova Craft Canoe or would like to discuss a custom Novacraft boat with factory fitted options, or a non-standard colour, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Manchester Canoes who would be happy to help.


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Nova Craft Trapper 12

Nova Craft Trapper 12 (TuffStuff)

Wide, stable and easy to paddle, perfect for fishing, mini expeditions and paddling with a four-legged friend.


Nova Craft Prospector 14

Nova Craft Prospector 14 (TuffStuff)

The classic Prospector hull-shape designed specifically for solo paddlers who prefer a light, scaled down version.

Nova Craft Fox 14 Tuffstuff Canadain Canoe

Nova Craft Fox 14 (TuffStuff)

A high performing solo canoe which provides a nice combination of forward paddling speed and ease of handling.

Nova Craft Bob Special Canoe

Nova Craft Bob Special 15 (Fibreglass or TuffStuff)

A stable flatwater touring canoe that can be paddled solo or tandem when required, ideal for lakes and slow rivers.

Nova Craft Prospector 15 Canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 15 (SP3 3-Layer Polyethylene)

A durable, hard wearing Prospector canoe, a true allrounder that can also be used on easy to moderate whitewater.

Nova Craft Prospector 15 Canoe Tuffstuff

Nova Craft Prospector 15 (TuffStuff or TuffStuff Expedition)

A lightweight Prospector designed for general purpose solo paddlers who also like to paddle tandem when desired.

Nova Craft Lure 15.7 (Fiberglass)

Nova Craft Lure 15.7 (Fiberglass)

A specially designed, triple keel angling canoe, featuring an aluminium transom mount fixed onto a squared stern.

Nova Craft Pal 16 TuffStuff in Desert White Colour (to order)

Nova Craft Pal 16(TuffStuff)

A tandem flatwater cruising canoe perfect for day paddles as a couple and exploring calm, sheltered waterways.

Nova Craft Prospector 16 canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 16 (SP3 3-Layer Polyethylene)

The most popular size of Prospector canoe, roto-moulded in tough triple layer plastic for strength and durability.

Nova Craft Prospector 16 Tuffstuff canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 16 (TuffStuff or TuffStuff Expedition)

The much-loved Prospector 16 hull shape but offered up in several lightweight composite material options.

Nova Craft Prospector 16 Fibreglass canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 16 (Fiberglass)

The most popular size of tandem Prospector canoe, offered in a cost-effective lightweight fiberglass material..

Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3 canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 17 (SP3 3-Layer Polyethylene)

A hard-wearing family or expedition canoe that can be loaded up for bigger adventures, or can have a 3rd seat added.


Nova Craft Prospector 17 TuffStuff canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 17 (TuffStuff or TuffStuff Expedition)

This longer Prospector offers more speed, straight line tracking performance and carrying capacity than smaller models.