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Pelican Canoes and Kayaks

Pelican Canoes and Pelican Kayaks For Sale in the North West

Designed and manufactured in Canada, Pelican Sport has over 50 years of thermoform moulding experience. And as one of the most popular brands Worldwide, their line-up is well designed, lightweight, durable and affordable. What sets Pelican apart is the exclusive use of Ram-X polyethylene, well regarded for its high impact-resistance, ability to regain its shape after taking big knocks and a UV-protected exterior finish.

Pelican are the leading manufacturer to use TST (twin sheet thermoforming) technology. The combination of Ram-X and post-industrial recycled plastics allow Pelican Kayaks and Canoes to not only have good rigidity, exceptional impact and breakage resistance, and outstanding longevity but also gives a nod towards protecting our planet.

pelican 15.5 canoe

Pelican 15.5

The Pelican 15.5 is a touring canoe for recreational and family paddling. It offers great value for money and is made from Ram-X material.

pelican 14.6 canoe

Pelican 14.6

A very adaptable canoe with 2 folding seat backs as standard and a well-designed middle bench seat come cooler.

Pelican Sprint 100XR

Pelican Sprint 100 XR

A lightweight open cockpit kayak that doesnt compromise on performance

Pelican Sprint 120XR

Pelican Sprint 120 XR

A lightweight well equiped kayak made in Canada