Sit On Top Kayaks

Single Sit On Top Kayaks for Sale from Manchester Canoes

The sit on top kayaks listed below are amongst the most popular models in the UK and are amongst the best selling kayaks from the Canoe Shops Group. Solo SOT's are usually light enough to be carried and lifted onto a roofrack by one person (some of the longer fishing/pedal drive kayaks maybe require 2 people). If the kayak model that you are searching for is not listed below, please see other single sit on top kayaks available by viewing our manufacturers page.We can supply sit on tops from Feelfree, Perception, Islander, Riot, Enigma Kayaks, Hobie, Ocean Kayaks, Wavesport and Wilderness Systems (amongst many others).

Alternatively you can phone us on 01925 818437 to discuss your requirements and we should be able to answer any questions you may have, and also advise on current availability. If you are a commercial operator or club looking to replace or renew your sit-on-top kayak fleet please contact us for trade quotations.

Flow from Enigma Kayaks

Enigma Kayaks Flow

Budget sit on top for fun at the beach and gentle cruising on calm waters.


Feelfree Roamer 1

Feelfree Roamer 1

Feelfree Roamer is an all rounder for family fun, surfing, touring and beach fun. 3m long so it's easy to store and transport.

Feelfree Nomad Sport

Feelfree Nomad Sport

Our most popular single seat kayak. With a modern hull shape, the Nomad is a fantastic all-round kayak, suitable for most waters. Featuring a host of great features, including side carry handles and an optional built in transport wheel.



Riot Escape 9 Sit On Top Kayaks

Riot Escape 9

Lightweight and compact sit on top kayak with a max. 80kg capacity - ideal for smaller adults and children to paddle on sheltered coastal waters and inland waterways.

Cruise Angler from Enigma Kayaks

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler

The Cruise Angler is a compact and lightweight sit on top kayak for flat water paddling

Feelfree Move

Feelfree Move

Designed for juniors and small children taking their first steps out onto the water. The Move provides a wide stable platform to inspire confidence and has a built in wheel for youngsters to trundle it to and from the waters edge.


Feelfree Juntos

Feelfree Juntos

Designed primarily as a 1.5 person sit on top kayak, the Juntos has a rear facing padded child’s seat set towards the bow. The Juntos can also be paddled solo, and has the added benefit of being able to offer a larger carrying capacity.


Wavesport Scooter WhiteOut Sit On tops

Wavesport Scooter X

From established kayak manufactures Wavesport, comes the new and improved Scooter X. (Formerly known as the Perception Scooter). With a sporty, flared bow and being very manoeuvrable the Scooter performs well when surfing small waves at the beach.

Perception Triumph 13 Sit On Tops

Perception Triumph 13

For those looking for more performance from a sit on top kayak, the Triumph 13 is hugely popular by recreational paddlers and kayak anglers alike. With its long water line length this kayak eats up the miles and great for covering longer distances.


Viking Pro Fish 35

Viking Profish 35

New Zealand's Viking Kayaks quality in a compact (11ft) package. Stable predictable and easy to use a great kayak with enough features and storage options to satisfy most paddlers. Very well designed to cater for both coastal and inland users for general paddling and even a spot of fishing.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 E

At 10 foot long, the Tarpon 100 is a good all round size. Providing stability and promoting ease of use. What sets this kayak aside from other sit on tops if the top level of outfitting supplied a standard.


Tarpon 200 At Manchester

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 E

Longer than the Tarpon 100 equating to a faster hull. What the 120 loses in manoeuvrability makes up for in speed and a higher carrying capacity. With the same great features and Airpro seat system from Wilderness Systems the Tarpon 120 makes for a touring kayak.


Mix From Titan Kayaks

Titan Mix

A compact sit on top kayak that is at home paddling easy white water as it is surfing at the beach. Weighing in at just 13kg.

Islander Koa

Islander Koa

A UK Manufactured sit on top that's easy to handle on and off the water and well suited to variety of water conditions

Islander Calypso

Islander Calpyso

The Calypso is the flagship boat from the Islander range, designed to carry one person and making a great sit-on-top kayak for calm waters.

RTM Tempo and Tempo Angler

Rtm Tempo and Tempo Angler

A fast, performance oriented sit on top kayak


Hobie Kayaks Compass - Sit On Top Kayaks with the MirageDrive Pedal System

Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks

Totally unique sit on top kayaks. Using Hobie's mirage drive system an easy to use pedal system makes them much faster and more efficient than conventional kayaks of the same length.