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Short Touring Kayaks

Day Touring, Recreational Kayaks

Offering more performance than the beginner open cockpit kayaks, these closed cockpit kayaks can be looked at as scaled down sea kayaks. With a similar hull shape but much shorter in length, making them lighter and more manoeuvrable both on and off the water. Being shorter they are also easier to store and transport on or in a vehicle. The disadvantage is that they are slower in a straight line, with a slower top-end cruising speed and take longer to get to your destination than in a longer touring or sea kayak. They also have a lower carrying capacity and less storage space, so if you are packing for an overnight trip you might have to leave out a few luxuries!

However, speed isn't always everything and these boats are designed to paddle along nicely on flat or sheltered waters and as they are closed cockpit kayaks, the paddler can adjust the outfitting to ensure a snug fit (compared to open cockpit and sit-on-top kayaks). This enables the paddler to engage the boat, utilise their core muscles and edge/lean the boat to aid turning and also allow for more progressive skills such as eskimo rolling or high-bracing.

Riot Edge 11 touring kayak with Skeg

Riot Edge 11 With Skeg

A stable recreational touring kayak, with plenty of nice features, and well suited for medium to larger paddlers.

Dagger Axis Elite 10.5

Dagger Axis 10.5

The shortest touring kayak from Dagger kayaks has plenty of room in the cockpit for long legged paddlers.

Perception Expression 11 - One of the best ever touring kayaks

Perception Expression 11

A popular touring kayak, and the shortest of the Expression Series. Well suited for smaller to mid-sized paddlers.

Riot Enduro 12 touring kayak with skeg

Riot Enduro 12 With Skeg

With an additional forward storage hatch for extra equipment, the 12 has a high carrying capacity for larger paddlers.

Pelican Sprint 120XR

Pelican Sprint 120 XR

A lightweight well equiped kayak made in Canada

Riot Enduro 13 touring kayak with skeg

Riot Enduro 13 With Skeg

The fastest kayak in the Enduro range is suited to smaller to mid-sized paddlers and is very efficient as covering distances.

Dagger Stratos 12.5

Dagger Stratos 12.5

A smaller more manoeuvrable day touring version of the hugely popular Stratos 14.5. Designed for inland and coastal touring, days out exploring with enough capacity for overnight camping trips.


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