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Wave Sport Kayaks

UK Manufactured White Water and Touring Kayaks

All Wave Sport kayaks are now fully manufactured and outfitted here in the UK, down on the South Coast of England. World renown for their ground breaking white water designs they have now brought onboard extremely popular Sit on Top and touring kayaks. With legendary quality, durability and attention to detail, Wave Sport is an extremely popular brand and well regarded throughout the paddlesport industry.

Wavesport Scooter sit on top kayak


Wave Sport Scooter X

Formerly known as the Perception Scooter, it has now undergone a rebrand but kept true to the original shape and build quality. Hugely popular and a fantastic all-round Sit-on-Top, for adventures both inland and along sheltered coastlines.

Wavesport Gemini WhiteOut Tandem Sit On Tops

Wave Sport Scooter XT

Based on the popular single person Scooter, but designed to carry two passengers. Stable and fun, ideal for the family to mess about on the water together upon. Now been re-branded as the Wave Sport Scooter XT.

Riot Edge 15

Wave Sport Hydra

Combining the best of moving water and sea kayaking features, the all new Hydra takes touring to the next level. This kayak cleverly combines quality materials and manufacturing processes, with a smart hull design that allows for playful touring and tripping.

Wavesport Project X

Wave Sport Project X

Back by popular demand the Wave Sport Project X utilises the same legendary hull design with updated outfitting. A great boat for learning and progressing within the sub-sport of kayak freestyle. Perfect for aspiring aerialists!

Wavesport Diesel In Cherry Bomb

Wave Sport Diesel

One of the most popular hull designs in the river running market, the Wave Sport Diesel could be one of the best choices for UK white-water paddlers. Extremely versatile, this boat can cruise through grade 4-5, yet has bags of play potential on easier runs.


Wave Sport Ethos 9 & 10

Our best selling closed cockpit kayak, the Ethos is a fantastic crossover boat which mixes river running abilities with flat-water touring capabilities. Available in two sizes and outfitting options, the ethos is a true all-rounder and widely considered to be a modern general purpose kayak.

Wavesport Horizon tandem touring kayak

Wave Sport Horizon

The Horizon is an extremely stable, tandem closed cockpit touring kayak. With very comfortable seating positions and 2x hatches, this kayak can be used for long days out on the water, and loaded for multi-day expeditions.



Suspended from the 2022 line up owing to supply chain issues

Wavesport Fuse 48, 56 & 64

Wave Sport Fuse 48, 56 & 64

The Fuse's legendary hull design is loose and fast on waves with volume distribution that is not only comfier than smaller freestyle kayaks, but delivers crisp control whether you're throwing cartwheels or simply running your favourite stretch of river.

Suspended from the 2022 line up owing to supply chain issues

Wavesport Fuse 35 Junior kayak

Wave Sport Fuse 35 Junior

The smaller version of the ever popular Wave Sport Fuse, and designed specifically for the younger paddler. For paddlers up to 50kg in weight, the Fuse 35 could be the perfect boat for children learning the basics of moving water with the ability to progress through the grades.

Suspended from the 2022 line up owing to supply chain issues

Wavesport Recon white water kayak

Wave Sport Recon

Continuous rocker and a full displacement hull provides an extremely easy to paddle full white-water technical creek boat. Quick to resurface after drops and through bigger waves. The Recon is also considered super easy to boof (paddler depending!), and extremely manoeuvrable on steeper runs.


Suspended from the 2022 line up owing to supply chain issues

Wavesport Vista


Wave Sport Vista

Extremely popular over the years for families and rental operators, the Vista is a fantastic open cockpit touring kayak. Combining speed, stability load carrying and a dry ride the Vista can be used for extended trips, and packed for overnight camping missions. Also available with a factory fitted rudder, or in a more basic rental spec.


Available to order - Please contact us for price and availability.

Available To Order
Wavesport Mobius Playboat

Suspended from the 2022 line up owing to supply chain issues