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River Running and Creek Boats

Kayaks for Steep Creeking and White Water Rivers

White water and river running kayaks have evolved over the years from wood/canvas and fibreglass boats, to the high performance, modern plastic boats that are being used to run the tallest waterfalls, hardest rapids and the most technical white-water anywhere in the world. Apart from the materials these modern kayaks are manufactured from, the overall design/shape and features have greatly increased the safety aspect of these boats. Allowing them to perform better on the water, avoid hazards and protect the paddler in rescue or high risk situations.

Of course, not every aspiring white-water paddler wants to 'push the limits' and run serious whiter. In fact most ww paddlers want to safely run easier grades of white water in safety and have fun. So novices to the sport, taking their first stokes on moving water, right through to expedition paddlers, we have boats to suit everyone. The boats listed below are all forgiving, have up-to-date safety features and been designed specifically for running rapids in comfort and style.

Code From Dagger Kayaks

Dagger Code

A new planing hull white water kayak from Dagger coming spring 2021 in three sizes.

Dagger Phantom

Dagger Rewind

The Latest kayak from Dagger. A fun river runner with serious creeking capabilities.

Dagger Phantom

Dagger Phantom

A long, super fast hull combined with strong bow rocker makes this boat ideal for experienced paddlers looking to win races or charge their local runs.

Riot Magnum creek kayak

Riot Magnum

The classic Magnum is back. Extremely popular, and fully outfitted for use on the UK's premier white-water rivers. With plenty of volume, this boat is very forgiving and easy to roll.

Riot Thunder

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

A reliable and stable river runner, shaped to effortlessly manoeuvre down river while versatile enough to surf all day long. A great all rounder.

Dagger Mamba White Water River Running Kayaks

Dagger Mamba

The Mamba mark 2 has a slightly different rocker profile than the old boat enhancing its straight line speed and benefiting its ability to carve. With crisp performance, and strong stability it could be the perfect ww kayak for those people that wish to push their grade or those that are just starting out.

Wavesport Diesel

Wavesport Diesel 60, 70 & 80

The Diesel from Wavesport has been hugely popular and known as the most versatile white water kayak on the market. Fully capable of running Grade 4/5 rapids, yet it also has a fantastic carving hull for playing the river


Wavesport Phoenix

The latest design from Wavesport, featuring a fast hull with plenty of bow rocker and a wide tail for those hard landings and big water days!

Nomad From Dagger Kayaks

Dagger Nomad

The tried, tested and trusted full displacement hull creeker is back with brand new Specifications. The tweaked hull shape makes the Nomad fast, stable and controllable even in the hardest white water.

The Wavesport D Series

Wavesport D Series

The Wavesport D series the perfect white water boat for the intro-mediate paddler. Smooth and stable, quick and nimble, responsive and predictable. The D series is ready to run whatever white water you point it at.

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Manchester Canoes are the leading supplier of white water creek kayaks dealing with brands such as Liquidlogic, Dagger, Wavesport, Riot Kayaks and Jackson. If you can't see the kayak you're after listed above then please contact us or pop in to the shop for a chat as we are able to order in many more models.

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