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Canadian Canoes - Most Popular

Popular Family Canoes for Recreational Canoeing

These canoes are our most popular open boats for recreational canoeing for paddlers new to the sport. All these boats have been designed to provide stability and ease of use, rather than high performance, or specialist use.

Available in different materials to suit different needs- from the Inflatable Scout that packs down to the size of a suitcase, through to the hard wearing triple layer plastic Prospector, and the incredibly lightweight Bob Special for ease of handling.

Pelican 15'5 Canadian Canoes

Pelican 15'5 Canoe

Constructed from Ram-X material and fitted with 3 PE seats. The 15'5 is wide, stable and a great choice for a first family canoe.

pelican 14.6 canoe

Pelican Explorer 14'6 DLX

A popular choice for couples looking for flatwater cruising. The 14'6 has deluxe seat-backs fitted, resulting in a comfortable ride.


Old Town Discovery 158

The Long awaited return to the UK of Old Town's best selling canoe. The Three-layer construction is well renowed for its strength and durability, the 158 is predictable, stable and easy to handle, the Discovery 158 is a fantastic choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Enigma Canoes Prospector Sport

Enigma Canoes Prospector Sport

The iconic canoe shape- the Prospector is the ideal allround, general-purpose canoe. Suitable for both flat and moving water.

Enigma Canoes Tripper 14

Enigma Canoes Tripper 14

Our most compact 2-3 seat Canadian The Tripper is perfect for families, looking for an incredibly strong canoe that is extra stable and easy to paddle.

Nova Craft Bob Special Canoe

Nova Craft Bob Special 15' TuffStuff

Constructed from Tuffstuff composite material, results in a 15ft open canoe that weighs less than 23kg and great for lake paddling.

Weighs less than 23kg

Enigma Canoes Journey 164

Enigma Canoes Journey 164

An incredibly tough strong and stable canoe with tons of space and a large carrying capacity. Perfect for families who want a stable boat that can carry the kicthen sink.

Gumotex Scout inflatable canoe with 3 seats

Gumotex Scout

Light in weight, and packs down to a fraction of its fully inflated size. The Scout can easily be transported in most car boots or motor home storage lockers. When not in use, this boat is also simple to pack away and store.