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Canoes and Kayaks for Children

Junior Specific Kayaks

Most kayaks, whether they are closed cockpit or sit-on-top models, are designed for larger/adult paddlers with sufficient space and carrying capacity. Children can perhaps 'make do' with some adult kayaks but they are far from ideal. Boat manufacturers and designers are aware that children need kayaks made specifically for their size. Not only to ensure a proper fit, but also to allow good boat control, learn skills correctly, progress quickly and most importantly enjoy their paddling.

Feelfree Move For Children

Riot Escape 9

A wonderfully light sit on top that's perfectly suited to children, comes supplied complete with seat and paddle.

Dagger Dynamo Children's Kayak

Dagger Dynamo

Considered by many to be the perfect junior kayak, it's popularity over the years has secured its place in many outdoor centre and canoe club boathouses across the UK. Fully capable for kids wanting to progress through the sport, from the very beginning through to moving water strokes.

Dagger Axiom 6.9 Children's Kayak

Dagger Axiom 6.9

For more experienced children wanting a fast, high performing white-water kayak. Then this small Axiom could fit the bill featuring full length rails and a low-volume, playful stern. Ideal for little rippers, wanting to push their skills whether it be surfing or tail squirting.

GT Series From Dagger

Dagger GTS - Club

For youngsters in the 35-65kg weight category, the smallest of Daggers' hugely popular GT Series of kayaks, the GTS is great all-round closed cockpit kayak, loved by centres and canoe clubs. Perfect for developing moving water skills.

Feelfree Move For Children

Feelfree Move

Not all kids want to start off with a closed cockpit kayak, and from a safety point of view, Sit On Top kayaks are generally considered to be more stable and easier to learn in than enclosed cockpit boats. The Move is small in stature, light in weight, and has a handy built in wheel for ease of carrying.