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North Shore Sea Kayaks

UK owned and manufactured very well regarded sea kayaks

Plastic (RM) North Shore Sea Kayak Models

North Shore Aspect sea kayaks

North Shore Aspect RM & Aspect LV RM

The Aspect from North Shore is designed for paddlers seeking high performance in a shorter, more manageable sea kayak. The two sizes of Aspect and Aspect LV (low volume) are worthy contenders

North Shore Atlantic sea kayak

North Shore Atlantic RM & Atlantic LV RM

The Atlantic RM is a very popular sea kayak offering outstanding performance, brilliant characteristics, and plenty of comfort. The design coming directly from the composite version, perfect as a durable, all-round sea kayak.


Fibreglass North Shore Sea Kayaks

All-Round sea kayak by Northshore

North Shore Atlantic Evolution and Atlantic Evolution LV

Whether you want to explore coastal caves and gullies or ride the surf, the Atlantic is truly the “Jack of all trades” and Master of the seas. A proven all-round sea kayak, that is not only comfortable to paddle, but offers great performance.