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General Purpose & All Round Kayaks for sale in Manchester

General Purpose & All Round Kayaks

Cross Over Kayaks for All Round Paddling

These are the ideal closed-cockpit kayaks designed for people looking for one boat for all occasions, often referred to as General Purpose, All-Round or Crossover Kayaks. With a boat like this you can partake in nearly every aspect of kayaking without having to buy a specialized boat for the purpose. Suitable for touring, coastal bay hopping, surfing and easy-grade white water. All of these kayaks are available in different sizes and specifications so there should be a kayak here to suit every paddler. Looking at these kayaks as an entry point into paddle sports, they offer the opportunity for progression within the sport for those looking to develop further than a typical sit-on-top kayak can offer.

The Wave Sport Ethos Made In The UK

Wave Sport Ethos

The ever popular Ethos from Wave Sport, suitable for most kayaking days out. Great for touring and sea paddling, but equally at home on moving water up to Grade 3-4. Featuring a full plate footrest as standard, and drop down skeg to aid with tracking on windy days.

Dagger Katana Crossover Kayak

Dagger Katana

Available in two sizes, the Katana is ideal for those looking at a boat for all-round use. Whether cruising on lakes, pottering on the canal or progressing onto moving water.

Riot Thunder

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

Designed for river running but also a popular choice for skills training and general purpose paddling, available in two sizes.


Dagger GT Series (GTS, GT, GTX & GT Max)

The Dagger GT Series is probably one of the most popular boat ranges for canoe clubs all over the country. These boats are designed with high performing hulls and great distribution of volume making them great for all-round use whilst not inhibiting progression.



Classic well proven whitewater riverunner now even better value in Club Spec. Perfect for those on a tighter budget not wanting to compromise on perromance and for clubs wanting top quality boats for their fleets.


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