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Canadian Canoes - Triple Layer Construction

Foam Core Construction for Additional Strength & Buoyancy

About Triple Layer Canoe Construction
Three Layer Polyethylene has been used to successfully manufacture canoe models for decades. This material is used to produce canoes using a rotational molding process which was first developed by Old Town in 1983. This scientifically-designed structural sandwich includes a layer of closed cell foam surrounded by layers of high-density linear polyethylene. This combination, and the unique process by which it is accomplished, are the principle reasons for the material's strength. The material also ensures buoyancy. Under most conditions when the canoe is filled with water, the canoe will remain afloat.


  • Superior strength and durability
  • Stiffer and stronger than single-layer canoes
  • Foam core provides built-in flotation
Triple layer polyethylene provides a strong durable canoe with built in buoyancy
Triple Layer Canadian Canoe


Nova Craft Prospector 15 Canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 15 - SP3

The Prospector hull shape is so successful due to its versatility on a variety of different water types. With forgiving lines and slight rocker, the Prospector is at home cruising down slow moving rivers as it is tackling small rapids or day trips on local canals or lakes.

Nova Craft Prospector 15 Canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 16 - SP3

The 16 footer is the mid-sized model in the Prospector Range that keeps true to the hugely popular prospector shape, providing a popular all-rounder. This mid-sized version is perfect for heavier/larger paddlers, tandem paddling or paddlers looking for faster canoe, with a higher carrying capacity.


Old Town Discovery 158

For over 25 years the Discovery 158 has been one of Old Town's best selling canoes. The Three-layer construction is designed to take a beating. Agile, stable and easy to handle, the Discovery 158 is a great choice for the outdoor enthusiast.


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Old Town Discovery 169

Old Town Discovery 169

The longest canoe in the Old Town Discovery series. Designed for long distances, the Discovery 169 is a great choice for recreational paddlers who need additional space and capacity.


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Nova Craft Prospector 15 Canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 17 - SP3

The 17 foot Prospector is one of the larger sized models in the Prospector range. Popular for extended touring and family paddling thanks to the additional carrying capacity.

Enigma Turing 17 - SP3

Enigma Turing 17 SP3

A 17 foot open canoe with 3 durable plastic seats. Its stable hull design and large carrying capacity make it perfect for hire centres, scout groups and families.

Hou Canoes Prospector

Hou Canoes Prospector

An all time classic. The Hou Prospector is modeled on the traditional Chestnut Prospector- a one boat to do it all, whether day tripping or tackling the white stuff.

Hou Canoes 15

Hou Canoes 15

The Hou 15 will carry everything you need for a weekend away. The Hou 15 has a flatter, very slightly rounded, hull shape provides fantastic initial stability.

Hou Canoes 16

Hou Canoes 16

The Hou 16 is much like an estate car, it has the storage capacity to fit all your kit for a family day out or a weekend adventures. The Hou 16 is basically a larger version of the Hou 15 and glides through the water slightly more efficiently, a little faster and tracks a little easier. 

Hou Canoes 13

Hou Canoes 13

Smallest canoe in the Hou range. The Hou 13 tracks well and is easy to paddle on open water, lakes, rivers and low grade white water.

Hou Canoes 14

Hou Canoes 14

The Hou 14 is the bigger brother to the Hou 13. It is a little longer and therefore has a higher load capacity (up to 2 persons) and tracks a touch faster. The Hou 14 is more of an all-round canoe.


We stock and supply the largest range of canoes in the UK & Ireland from the leading manufacturers. The canoes listed above are our most popular models - more canoes are available, checkout our brand pages to view the full ranges from each brand.


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