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Inflatable Kayak and Canoe Equipment

Accessories, Spares and Kit for Inflatable Boats

Below is a range of our best selling inflatable accessories. We can supply the full range of parts and accessories from both Gumotex and Sevylor. Please contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for, or alternatively check our sister website www.inflatable-kayaks.co.uk/spares.htm

Stirrup Pump

Stirrup Pump for Inflatable Kayaks

Double action hand pump that inflates on both the up and down strokes. Each stroke can produce a huge 2000 cc of air, inflating your boat in no time. Supplied with an assortment of adaptors to fit most brands of inflatable kayak or canoe. With a maximum inflation pressure of 7.2 psi. this pump is perfect for all of our inflatable boats, and can be easily switched to deflate, making it simpler to pack your kayak/canoe away.

Foot Pump

5L Foot Pump for Inflatable Kayaks

A handy sized 5L foot pump, complete with universal sized nozzle adaptors. Ideal for use with inflatable kayaks, canoes & dinghies as well as other inflatable products. Inflates 5 Litres in volume per pump up to a maximum pressure of 4.3 psi. and can be used to inflate or deflate the boat.

Riot Distance Paddle

Riot Distance - 2 Part Paddle (230cm)

Easy to use and easy to transport, as they can be split into two halves. Perfect for use in conjunction with inflatable kayaks where the need for space saving is paramount. Great for recreational paddlers on sheltered coastal waters or inland touring whether it be on lakes canals or gently moving rivers. The central spigot has three positions, allowing the Distance paddles to be set at a neutral zero degree feather, or simply adjusted to suit Right or Left handed paddlers.

Feel Free Day Tour Paddle

Feelfree Day Tour Paddles - 2 Part Splits

The Feelfree Day Tour paddles have asymmetrical plastic blades for increased paddling efficiency and reduced wrist torque. Available in two different material specifications: Standard and Deluxe. The Standard model has an alloy shaft with white polypropylene blades. The Deluxe version has a lightweight fibre glass shaft with yellow polypropylene blades, the weight difference is noticeable especially after a few hours out on the water, and the glass shaft is much warmer to hold on cold days.

Gumotex Pressure Guage

Gumotex Pressure Gauge

This handy pressure gauge from Gumotex can be used with our entire range of Gumotex canoes and kayaks. It takes the guesswork out of managing inflation pressures and has a specific fit for the Gumotex push-push valves.

Spare Valve Adaptor

Gumotex Valve Adapter

Handy to keep as a  spare or to replace a lost adaptor, this adapter is an essential piece of kit for using Gumotex push-push valves, to allow standard push fit pumps to be used to inflate all Gumotex boats.

Sevylor Manometer

Sevylor Manometer

A spare inflation manometer which has been designed to connect in-line as the user inflates their kayak or canoe, so  that the correct pressures can be monitored during the inflation process. Connects to both Sevylor or Bravo Stirrup Pumps with an existing bayonet connection.


Stormsure Repair Glue

Stormsure Repair Glue

With a wide range of applications, this strong, waterproof, flexible repair adhesive is a handy piece of kit for emergency repairs on inflatables and other watersports equipment.. It dries slowly allowing some repositioning but is flexible when dry. It will adhere to most  materials and can form a thick repair, making a patch-less repair if required on smaller holes and pinpricks. Supplied in three 50g tubes for long lasting storage.


Inflatable Canoe Repair Kit

Stormsure Repair Patches

A handy repair kit for use on punctures or tears in inflatable canoes and kayaks. The strong adhesive & supplied patches can fix many typical issues that can arise on inflatable kayak fabric quickly and easily. Punctured inflatable tubes can be repaired very quickly and inflated for use immediately. The long tape patches can also be used to reinforce seam repairs. The kit also comes with easy to follow instructions.