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Gumotex Inlfatable kayaks and canoes now available

Gumotex Inflatable Canoes & Kayaks

High Quality Watercraft from the Leading Manufacturer of Inflatables.

With 60 years of experience, Gumotex have a strong reputation for durability and attention to detail. Every individual kayak is inspected before they leave the workshop, and every single kayak and canoe are made by hand using their own materials. Perfect for those limited on storage space or not wishing to transport their kayaks/canoes on a car roofrack or trailer.

Single Seat Inflatable Kayaks From Gumotex

Gumotext Twist 1 inflatable kayak

Gumotex Twist 1

Very lightweight and stable makes this an ideal first kayak, suitable for all-round use on British water ways, continental holidays and exploring the UK coastline

Gumotex Swing 1 inflatable kayak

Gumotex Swing 1

The lightweight, stable, closed cockpit touring kayak of the range. Perfect for inland touring on lakes, rivers and canals. It can also be used on sheltered coastal waters and estuaries.

Gumotex Safari single seat inflatable kayak

Gumotex Safari 330

The high performance self-bailing sit-on-top inflatable, ideal for surfing ocean swell or tacking easy grade white water rivers.

Gumotex Framura inflatable touring kayak

Gumotex Framura

With a high carrying capacity, and long waterline length. This kayak has been designed for covering longer distances and multi-day trips. Ideal for gently moving rivers, canal touring and kayak-camping.

Gumotex Rush 1

Gumotex Rush 1

High performance single seat kayak. The drop stitched floor on this model greatly increases hull ridgity and thus performance.


Tandem & 3 Seat Inflatable Kayaks & Canoes From Gumotex

Gumotex Twist 2 tandem inflatable kayak

Gumotex Twist 2

The tandem version of the popular Twist model. Stable and easy to paddle, the Twist 2 can be paddled solo, yet also has the advantage of a second seat for a second paddler or passenger.

Gumotex Solar 2 person inflatable kayak

Gumotex Solar 2

Long and sleek, this kayak has been designed for speed over distance and also to carry extra equipment. Perfect for overnight trips away, covering larger distances and can even be fitted with athird seat for am additional small passenger.

Gumotex Thaya 2 person inflatable kayak

Gumotex Thaya

A high-quality and high performance tandem inflatable featuring drop-stitch technology for improved hull performance. Can also be used solo.

Gumotex Swing 2 tandem inflatable kayak for 2 people

Gumotex Swing 2

A more traditional, general purpose tandem closed cockpit kayak. The Swing 2 provides a drier ride for its passengers than a sit on top inflatable kayak.

Gumotex Seawave tandem inflatable kayak with 2 seats

Gumotex Seawave

Perhaps the ultimate in tandem inflatable kayaks. Suitable for most water types, and having the added bonus of deck reinforcements. This provides a more rigid kayak, giving greater on water performance that other inflatable kayaks.

Gumotex Palava inflatable canoe

Gumotex Palava

Designed to be paddled in a kneeling position akin to open canoeing. The Palava can be used on flat and moving water, including up to Grade 2 rapids.

Gumotex Rush 2

Gumotex Rush 2

A top of the range tandem kayak featuring a high performance dropstitched floor.

Gumotex Scout inflatable canoe with 3 seats

Gumotex Scout

One of the closest inflatables to a traditional canadian canoe, without the disadvantage of heavy carrying weights, or the need to car top. Perfect for families wanting to carry lots of equipment, perhaps for camping trips.

Gumotex Ruby inflatable canoe with 3 seats

Gumotex Ruby XL

3 person inflatable canoe with a transom mount to fit an electric outboard motor.


Inflatable Fishing Kayaks From Gumotex

Gumotex Halibut inflatable fishing kayak

Gumotex Halibut

Designed specifically for kayak anglers. The Halibut is extremely stable and packed with features, such as a rod holder and solid floor to allow standing casting.