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Sea kayaks for sale in Manchester UK

Sea Kayaks For sale

Plastic Sea Kayaks & Composite Sea Kayaks from the leading brands


Sea kayaks are longer more specialised touring kayaks designed for longer distances in more challenging conditions. Not designed for novices to paddle but designed for experienced paddlers who are capable and knowledgeable in their sport. Sea kayaking is challenging in its own way. Different from the high tempo activity of paddling white water but more demanding mentally to cover the distances against the tides and winds. To be self sufficient for days at a time overnighting on a remote beach at the base of a huge cliff eating the fish you caught an hour earlier is sometimes very special.

Plastic Sea Kayaks

Riot Brittany 16.5 sea kayak

Riot Brittany 16.5 with Skeg and Rudder

Well priced, fully equipped sea kayak, designed specifically for use on UK waters. A great all-round sea kayak for intermediate to advanced paddlers.

View Perception Essence 17 and 16 details

Perception Essence 16 & 17

Single layer plastic sea kayaks, available in two sizes to accommodate different sized paddlers. A great fast touring kayak or for extended coastal paddles. Including enough room for overnight expeditions.

Prijon Kodiak

Prijon Kodiak (Including Rudder)

The Kodiak has proven itself to be a classic High Volume sea kayak, designed with a high carrying capacity and roomy seating system. Perfect for extended expeditions where kayak strength and the ability to carry plenty of multiday equipment is important.

Prijon Seayak 500 LV

Prijon Seayak 500 LV (Including Rudder)

The Seayak 500 was created for smaller and lighter paddlers. A perfect sea kayak for paddlers wanting all the performance of a sea kayak, but in a scaled down package. Lighter, more nimble and easier to handle than larger sea kayaks, the LV is a cracking little boat.

Prijon Seayak 520 HV

Prijon Seayak 520 HV (Including Rudder)

The Seayak 520 HV has been created for larger paddlers, looking for a sea kayak that has a great combination of stability and performance. A great boat for beginner to intermediate sea kayakers not requiring the same high levels of performance that more specialised boats perhaps offer.

Northshire Atlantic Sea Kayaks

North Shore Atlantic RM

Popular all-round performance sea kayak manufactured using a triple layer plastic. With a proven hull design, the Atlantic is classic and has a large following amongst the UK sea kayak scene.

Plastic sea kayaks capable of expedition sea kayaking trips

Valley Etain RM

Designed to cover longer distances, the Etain is Valley’s expedition boat. Perfect for long days out, and multiday expeditions.

Northshire Atlantic Sea Kayaks

Valley Sirona rM

Rotomoulded version of the hugely versatile composite Sirona. Ideal for paddlers of all experience levels, and has quickly become popular as a modern all-round sea kayak design.

Valley Gemini SP RM

Valley Gemini SP RM

Shorter than most sea kayaks and with a strong rocker profile- the Gemini is now available in triple layer plastic. Perfect for playing the sea, where manoeuvrability and responsiveness are characteristics desired more than straight line speed or distance covering.

Prijon Poseidon

Prijon Poseidon (Including Rudder)

Double the fun- the Poseidon is a tandem sea kayak, manufactured from the incredibly durable Prijon Blow-Moulded plastic. Perfect both for Inland touring, but fully equipped for sea paddling, including overnight trips.


Composite Sea Kayaks

Seabird Scott Sea Kayaks

SeaBird Scott

Affordable range of British designed sea kayaks, from the Norwegian company Seabird - available in 3 sizes. Well received and reviewed since its launch, the Scott has proven to be very stable and performs well on UK inland and coastal waters.

Valley Etain - available in a range of sizes and construction types

Valley Etain

Well proven composite sea kayak, designed for expeditions and weekend trips. With a fast top-end speed, the Etain is perfect for covering the miles, and been used on some amazing expeditions all over the world. Available in three sizes, and with many custom  options available.

All-Round sea kayak by Northshore

Northshore Atlantic

The classic all-rounder in sea kayak design, with enough rocker for playing without compromising forward speed too much. Popular as a general purpose sea kayak for exploring and touring the UK’s coastline.

All-Round sea kayak by Northshore

Valley Sirona

A nimble and manoeuvrable modern sea kayak suitable for day and weekend trips. Stable and user friendly, the composite Sirona is proving itself with paddlers of all ability levels.

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